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I work full time and I barely have time to breathe. In 2005 hurricane Katrina rearranged my life, since then I have gained roughly 80-90 pounds. I believe that it started in depression and became an addiction. I have started and failed many diets and then decided that MAYBE if I combine diet and exercise with blogging and shopping I might be able to find success. This is the story of 2010 and my struggle to rise above addiction, pain, depression and fat.
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The road to MY PERSONAL goal BMI/weight!

Tuesday, September 27

Weekly Meeting (Wk 71)

Down 1.8 – 138.2! Yay!

September Challenge; Week 5; # 2

Zumba. Monday.
Let me TELL YOU. Saturday was a rough workout in the best way. So good in fact that I didn’t go to the gym on Sunday and when I went back to Zumba my butt and legs were killing me. I love it!

Sunday, September 25

September Challenge; Week 5; # 1

Ack!!! I suck! I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with me, I keep forgetting to update this! Saturday I went to Zumba and this lovely couple who teach at my fav instructor’s studio came to fill in! It was an AWESOME workout!

Thursday, September 22

September Challenge; Week 4; # 4

Wednesday! Zumba with my fav! Things are banana’s around here! This keeps almost slipping by, this whole keeping track. Gosh! I suck! :P
It’s all good, tomorrow I am hitting the gym and burning it up! Hells to the yeah!

Tuesday, September 20

September Challenge; Week 4; # 3

Monday – Zumba! I bought my unlimited pass for the rest of the year. I hated spending the money, but if I was still eating crap I would spend SO much more… Today we had a great class, it was amazing! So happy!

Monday, September 19

September Challenge; Week 4; # 2

Sunday – girl I took myself to the gym and – though I weighed in up 3.8 pounds – I have been feeling skinny. It’s easier to work out when you feel skinny! So I whipped it good! 45 minutes on the elliptical and a half mile run. SPLAT!

Sunday, September 18

Weekly Meeting (Wk 70)

Up 3.8 pounds!!! Weighed in at 140.0 even, how does that happen? How sad? How scary? How utterly ridiculous?!
Argh! Back at it, hit the ground running hard and fast!

September Challenge: Week 4; # 1

Saturday class with the world’s best instructor. Yay! I’m so happy, and tired.
Then later we (me and my heart) went for a mile and a half bike ride/scooter roll! We had so much fun!

Friday, September 16

September Challenge; Week 3; # 3

In a suitable end to a rough week I went on a bike ride that whooped mine! I am SO looking forward to starting the whole week over tomorrow! Yippiez! The Z is there on purpose so suck it! ;)

Thursday, September 15

September Challenge; Week 3; # 2

Hit up the gym on Tuesday, I can’t believe that I forgot to log that! I have to take myself to the gym tomorrow. This week has been a rough and LONG week. Blah. I can’t wait to start fresh and fierce next week. :)

Wednesday, September 14

Tuesday, September 13

Monday, September 12

September Challenge; Week 3; # 1

Well, I didn’t get the start that I wanted this week, BUT I did go in and kill it today! I love Zumba! I love it. I was upset that I felt I needed the weekend off, only now I am glad I took it and was able to hit the ground running!

Weekly Meeting (Wk 69)

136.2 Official.
Doing just fine! :)
Giving away a scale on my Youtube:

Thursday, September 8

Wednesday, September 7

September Challenge; Week 2; # 5

So, Wednesday is usually a Zumba class. Today, however, as we wrapped up the evening lessons and we came to a close all I could think was GYM! Not group time, not dance and laugh. No. Me time. Me and God and sweat and tears. That’s what the gym is when I just push. I push until it’s white hot and so bright I can’t see and then I am lost in prayer and I push harder. It’s the most amazing soul experience!
So I went to the gym, knocked out a lovely sweat on the elliptical and then took myself on a mini date to the frozen yogurt place in the shopping mall. 160 calories and a bit of just breathe time! Lovely!

Tuesday, September 6

September Challenge: Week 2, # 4

Yep. Four workouts in and I have two more this week! I went to Zumba again, I don’t usually go to class on Tuesday but as I mentioned my girl Kim was back after FOUR weeks! So I went and it whooped me. Hard, hard. I am tired. I think my period is soon to come. Fuck.

I miss the fuck word.

I miss writing and snarking and being completely ri-dick on my blog. So, bitches, I am taking my blog-o-sphere back. I am, and I am cursing and bitching and I am being so dang shallow it hurt. I am also letting the ladies go on a rampant and nasty uproar where they eavh get a turn to blog. If you know not the ladies I speak of then you probably need to take a little look-sie at the beginning of this mess and find out. Since you may, however, be as lazy and your beloved here I will help you cheat on the little fat quiz. I have in my head, at any given time, between 10-20 other mees (plural me.) Some have names, some are just me in different forms. I really should go into more detail. Another post, and one I will write as I am taking back my blog and all! Anywho, I shut a lot of them down while I sobered up and got in control of my little eating issue. I started looking around my life and I was like, where did the fun go, the spunk, the voices of Sonya past... (Okay, that was for dramatics, the whole Sonya past thing!) You get the pic, I want me, all of me. I just don't plan on eating like 15 mees.
So, you might notice a few more post and a whole lot more fun. Go back to the start and you will see I am just re-embracing me! Yay!

September Challenge; Week 2; # 3

Monday – ZUMBA!!!
I was so glad that we had class on Labor day! I was worried that we wouldn’t due to the holiday and all! Yay! I swear, when I go to class I feel amazing! I am going tonight, too. Usually i skip the Tuesday class on the account that I could take or leave the instructor and I don’t like how early the class is. Thing is my friend Kim, who I haven’t seen in a month, is going to finally be back!

Monday, September 5

Sunday, September 4

September Challenge: Week 2, # 2

Gym – I hit up the elliptical and I had a flippin’ AMAZING time and God I got a great workout. I am a little worried that the BodyBugg will say I didn’t do a great job with workouts like that. I keep thinking I need to use the information and not let it upset me… Hmmm…

Weekly Meeting (Wk 68) Unofficial.

This is the first time in 15 months I have not weighed in at a meeting. The weather had them all canceled around here. Boo. I never use a home weight as official so this up is an unofficial up of 5.2 pounds!!!! No way, strange but true. Oh well, just keep going like always!
The plan goes like this:
I am still learning about my body. I consider anything within a pound a maintain. I don’t use the words gain or loss, I say up or down because fluctuation happens and I calorie count with Weight Watchers so I know I have not made new fat.
I use my lowest weight within the last four weeks when someone asks me what I weigh. Currently I am weighing in at 139 – this week is a strange one. However my last official WW weight is 135.2 and sO I am going with that.

September Challenge: Week 2, # 1

Saturday at the gym.
I have a new playlist I was excited about checking out, it sucked! lol
I did a good half an hour and then decided that since this is a BIG workout week I was calling it a day! Today (Sunday) I would like to do a solid 30 on the elliptical and then a 10 minute mile! Yay! Contest!