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I work full time and I barely have time to breathe. In 2005 hurricane Katrina rearranged my life, since then I have gained roughly 80-90 pounds. I believe that it started in depression and became an addiction. I have started and failed many diets and then decided that MAYBE if I combine diet and exercise with blogging and shopping I might be able to find success. This is the story of 2010 and my struggle to rise above addiction, pain, depression and fat.
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The road to MY PERSONAL goal BMI/weight!

Monday, June 11

My dinner.


My boo's birthday dinner!


My baby's birthday dinner: #candied #cranberry #salad, #cheese plate, #scallops and #couscous and finally, #duck sliders.

Saturday, June 9



For fucking real. Today I have eaten a FullBar, a handful of peanuts and I've drank six cups of water. I am going to KILL this pizza! Watch me!

Red pout.


My sweet heart was so good about make-up today. She hates wearing it, but for the review she grinned and went along!

Happy baby!




Thursday, June 7

It's no secret.


If you watch a video of mine. If you check my instagram. If you are connected to me on If you read this blog with any sort of regularity. Then you know it's not a secret I want a dog. I want a Goldendoodle with my whole heart. That years away, so I decided to foster this guy. He is melting my heart, my foster son. Melting my heart!

Tuesday, June 5



Hauling ass has its negative and that is that a 5K is no longer a 45 minute workout! It's a solid 25-27 minutes.



Awww, lover!


Monday, June 4

Always changing...


He is my:
War horse
Bat boy
Love bug
Praying mantis



OMG! My wife keeps me stocked. Today she texted me for "my order" how awesome is that!

Sunday, June 3

Work it momma!


This is what I pushed around for over an hour! That is a mommy workout!

Bike ride!


My oldest has shown some interest in working out so we are run\walking two miles twice a week and on my off day (Sunday) I took her for a three mile bike ride!



Just finished this project and then the wife was like, what are you gonna tell the kids that means? Uh, that I like it a lot and only a grown up can use the word?!

A childhood favorite.


I have always loved a tomato sammy - I just started making low cal ones with "miracle mayo" and I am in heaven!

Saturday, June 2

The Game


I love this show. I swear that this show is to me what Friends is to most white people. Love this so much!!!

<3 my Wen.


Used every last bit of this bottle of Wen. My best friend would be proud - added water, then thunked on my hands and head until I had emptied it completely!

Drink up.


I'm having tea to stay warm and the wife I polishing her six pack off.

Need I say more?


Before & after.


Ran two miles, walked a half and rode my bike about a mile. Good day, sun burned!

My special roll.


So at the local sushi place you can make your own roll. I tell them - tuna, salmon, cucumber and asparagus with no rice add rice paper. They always say, "It's gonna be very small." and I am like, "I want it!" it's so good AND pretty healthy and low in calories.



My car has three flats from that pothole the other day (two tires and my spare) and since I have special order tires (wtf Chevy?!) I have to wait 3-5 days. So there's my ride for the next week. Fun to ride my bike, but I've yet to go to the grocer or do any of my weekly errands.

Love my papoose, thanks hun!


He always wants to be in my arms and I get nothing done. Today we fixes that issue, until the wife turned on the vacuum - at which point this dude went balls out crazy!

This is why I hate to drive her car!


I tried, I did. I got up early and I put on heels. It took ten minutes to get the fucking car STARTED and then another five to figure out I couldn't get the mother fucker into reverse. At that point I thought, "Even if I get the bitch to back out I will not be able to get it the fifteen blocks to work!" I came inside, changed to jeans and rode my fucking bike. Fuck.

At least my hair is curling right!




He's so chill when he is hanging out next to his girl! I love them both so much.



Number 3 in the series and now all I need to do it take some pics of number 4 for you guys and make copies!

Friday, June 1

More zine!


Number 2 in the series.

Art in it's many forms!


I so adore zines! They are teeny, eight page magazines made from one sheet of paper. I made one once, it was all writing. This is my second doodle-art zine, but as its issue 1 for the serious I am posting it first! Contest!