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I work full time and I barely have time to breathe. In 2005 hurricane Katrina rearranged my life, since then I have gained roughly 80-90 pounds. I believe that it started in depression and became an addiction. I have started and failed many diets and then decided that MAYBE if I combine diet and exercise with blogging and shopping I might be able to find success. This is the story of 2010 and my struggle to rise above addiction, pain, depression and fat.
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The road to MY PERSONAL goal BMI/weight!

Thursday, March 31

Bike! Bike!

I hit the stationary bike when I got home – just ‘cause. My friend and I were going to belly dance and then bike ride around the neighborhood. She forgot the DVD and I had to moderate an on-line weight loss group, so we cut out the belly dance and went for a quick ride! Yay!

Meet my friend:

You will have to excuse the dinner roll in her eye. What can I say? Real women play rough with food! This is the best photo I have of me and my friend Nari. It looks photo shopped? Really! That is so odd. Hmmm... No, on a serious note: Nari you are an awesome and amazing woman and I cannot tell you how many time your words have rescued me. I reply to your post and I answer your comments, but never actually have any of that go anywhere because I suck with computers! I just wanted to say thank you and that while I am sure you have touched many lives you have also touched this one. Yes, those fish things are good and about 4 dollars at my local WallyWorld - not bad for a full meal that really isn't bad for you and is flavorful and unique! As far as taking time, you tell me constantly to recharge myself - you are my number one reminder of that. So if I can give a little piece of that back to you - that is awesome. Thanks for always being around and for being you!

Hungry For More - 31 Mar 11

Hey guys. Sorry it's been a minute. Sometimes in life, especially when dealing with an addiction, you have to realize your limits and be careful of getting too close to empty. When people or projects take more energy than they return or than you are able to replace it can lead to a dangerous imbalance. That coupled with my recent illness had caused me to go to a dark-ish place, and those are the places where addiction is the strongest. I am much better now. I took some me time, I re-focused on videos (a serious tool for me) and I slowed down a bit. All of that was actually a good thing because it lead me to this. I always say that this is war. It is. In war there is a place for fierce, in your place, air strikes and forcefull tactics. There is also a place for thoughtful and patient planning. Wars are long periods of time. They are a collection of many battles and squirmishes. I get so "Go! Go! Go!" in my thought pattern and I constantly pump myself with fast music and hard hitting bass, but there must be some understanding of the longevity of this plight. We must also allow ourselves to breathe and rest - all the while being vigilant. Today I am listening to Tibetan Singing bowls and allowing the stores of negativity to leave my mind and body. I am embracing the air and filling myself in preparation of the continued fight. Take time, be brave and steadfast. Remember that you are the sum of all your parts, not the equivalent of only this aspect. I forgot that somewhere and am learning to live it again. Sonya (Tricie) From iPhone!

Frozen Tilapia meal

My girl has been crazy busy lately and it seems that if I bust ass daily I am just able to keep up with things! (Though I was very lucky this weekend 'cause Bunny had Saturday evening and Sunday off!) She was quiet as a mouse Sunday morning so I could sleep in. I did, too. I didn't get up til 9:38 that morning! What? Anywho, so I have been picking up things to nuke when time is an issue and I found these new fish dishes. They have been really tasty and the sodium is not bad, actually they are not bad at all! Just look like space food!

Wednesday, March 30


This week is flying by, only not. When I am at work it feels like it COULD NOT go slower! Ugh!

Puppy ♥!

My nefew just got a new puppy named Lily. She was so sweet and cute! She is a boxer, if you couldn't tell and she has the most amazing blue eyes. I really want a puppy - AFTER I am home full time. Dogs really need to be trained and full on taken care of to be enjoyable! I want a boy - all white. Hmmm...

Whoa, lady!

Had to re-lay plans. This day was supposed to be a run at the gym BUT the weather… Oh, my THE WEATHER! So instead I KILLED my stationary bike!

Monday, March 28


Got it done today, which means it will actually happen TWICE this week!

Misc. play.

I modified the goal to be active even on the days I wasn’t doing a specific thing. So on Tuesday I went and played with the kids at the park. I was pretty happy, but when I was swinging next to my daughter and she say (with awe in her voice) “Mom, you can fit on the swing!” I was over the moon!

Before and After - my head!

I am not posting a full body until the 100 pound mark - 5.1 pounds to go! That before was February of last year, I weighed 250. On May 22 when I started last year I weighed 255 - I am now at 160.2!

BzzAgent Review: Maybelline Super Stay 24 2 Step Lip Color

Sunday, March 27

Saturday, March 26

Took my daughter on RIDES!!!

91.7 pounds later and I took my daughter on every ride she
wanted to go on. She is amazing and not much scares her, so we went on a lot.
Maybe it’s wrong, but I couldn’t help but compare my size to the people in line
and on rides. Last time I went on rides (and JUST BARELY fit) I was easily the
largest person I saw attempting to ride rides. Not today. On every ride there
were plenty of people MUCH larger than me riding and I was not worried I would
be turned away due to my girth!

We had so much fun; we are planning our next trip to a

Run # 1

OMG! I feel fricking amazing. Pain, but frick it! Thank you, Lord!

March Challenge: Week 3, # 3

Wednesday I went to Zumba. That seems to be how I make myself fill this goal lately. This week my goal is to get to the gym twice and to HOPE I can get a bit of a run in. My legs are so swollen and sore I am not sure it will happen. I pray I can!

Thursday, March 24

WTF?! Blog note.

So you night notice in some post (like the one directly below) the pictures are WHOPPING huge! It's because that is a moble post blogged from my iPhone with the Blogger+ app. Sorry the site is scrambled, on blogs of yore I would slave for hours trying to get things just so. Here I have mad the effort to keep OCD behavior limited to food, so a bit wonky I try to let slide. (Clearly it is still tweaking my soul out a bit, as I felt the need to clear the air!)

Grilled Chicken Marinara

This is probably on of my favorites! It just taste good! I can't eat a lot of red sauce, it gives me raging heart burn and wild ass dreams. You might notice that there is bit of a difference between my picture of the cooked meal and theirs. That is, the sauce is NOT this thick, chunky, Marinara sauce. It is falvorful and it is enough to coat the dish, but it is not too much. This dish does have cheese, which taste real and melts nicely. All components are cooked wonderfully and it really is very satisfying.

Wednesday, March 23

Having a day.

I do NOT feel good. I am tired and on my period, but it is more than that. My back and shoulders have been hurting for about three weeks, now my legs hurt. They hurt when I sit or stand. They “stick” and it’s a little scary because this is the same time a year that two years ago they started doing this and we all know that didn’t go well. I have not been for a run in two weeks, but I have been working out with Zumba, as I will be later today.
Calorie wise I am eating a bit more today. I feel actual hunger and as my body is under stress I am making the decision not to aim for weight loss this week and to focus on recovery and maintenance.
Ugh. I know this isn’t the end, and I know it will pass like other rough patches. I just wish it wouldn’t happen at all.

March Challenge: Werk 4; # 2

Zumba! Last night was my first Monday night class and it was so amazing! I have not been running in million years. I think that after the 10K I am going to switch to Zumba and walking/jogging and riding my bike. Now that the time changed it is nice to get out into the evening sun!

IH♥P ~ OMG, so GOOD!

Two weekends ago (yes, it took me THAT long to post this) we took the chillin's to IHOP. I figured like this - two kids means that I can legitimately order two items from the kids menu, one adult means I can order a big breakfast and they can share it!
That is what I set out to do! I picked my two items - the fish and broccoli was 150 calories and the fruit was 80! This was SUCH a good lunch. There was a time I would have picked something that came with fries, there was a time this would have looked like not enough. Mentally I would not have been satisfied. However, now all I can think of is getting it again! It was awesome and light, I was so full - not disgustingly so - just nice, I felt good and happy with myself!

Tuesday, March 22

Sharing this former fat girl's secrets one at a time!

Stock up!
I can't tell you how many times, in my former life, I fell victim to the coworker sneak. The casual announcement that the ominous "they" are picking up Chinese for lunch. Even if I could say no, and often I did, by the time I was on my way home Chinese food was all I could think of. (Same goes with pizza, sandwiches, and a variety of other items.) In the end, I would stop at some place and then order to my hearts whim, only to have WAY too many containers when I left. Eat some and pack the rest! I would vow, only to forget that the moment the house settled and I could gorge in private!
This time around I have to sets of "stock options" - one at home, and as I am lucky enough to have a full size freezer at my dispose at work, one at work. I have various "healthy" frozen options that cover a spectrum of cuisine!
If I happen to forget my lunch or overestimate what I have left to make a sandwich at work, I no longer have an excuse to go looking for the crowd and order along!

Monday, March 21

Pineapple Chicken

Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers Asian Inspired Pineapple Chicken.
Once again! As of right now it is not on, so I can't tell you the grade it would get. I did fill out all the effin' info so it should be there soon! Yay! Here is the info on it: (Now, I was typing this and then I was like, "DUH! Take a flippin' picture!") Individual components:
Veggies - CRISP! Fresh and really the best yet!
Rice - I heart their rice. It is a love affair!
Sauce - sweet with a slightly spicy tang, nice - not SO sweet and pineapple, but really good and when you get a bite with a bit o' pineapple it is amazing!Overall: this meal is higher in calories than I would normally spend, but it is amazing and filling so it gets a pass! The edamame was so out of this world and OMG the water chestnuts were better than some restaurants!

Saturday, March 19

91.1 lost!

Where did they go? It’s an insane thought!

Weekly Meeting (Wk 44) Thank You, God!

Prayer and determination! God and food friends! I am so excited! I really to see about setting an actual goal!

Friday, March 18

A little bit of ♥, for you at lunch time!

So, while I have been planning a wedding and trying to keep working out and eating as I need to be - I have also been a bit of a single mother lately! (I love my kiddos, but it is still rough at times.) My lovely has taken on A LOT of extra hours to make this whole wedding and homeschooling possible - really hitting it hard!
We seem to pass each other often, but never really see each other! :(, I know. We are weathering this surprisingly well, I guess it comes from a place of yes for us both. Do you love each other? Yes. Is marriage and family your mutually agreed upon first priority? Yes. Are you willing to work hard and give up when needed? Yes.Still, I always want her to feel loved and taken care of, so making her lunches has been a priority! She is out in the field so her lunches need to be cooler safe, light enough to not make her feel yucky in the southern heat (yep, it's getting sticky down here already) and also fill her up and give her energy to do physical work!
I have always had an interest in bento, and I guess this would be "American" bento, as I don't use rice or sushi type foods - because of temperature issues! The top one is her typical-ish lunch: two white flour wraps (these are ham, turkey bacon, Swiss, lettuce and low fat three cheese ranch dressing,) fruit, and her little container is full of wasabi peas for a spicy surprise! The lower on is her "snack" container: (breakfast) two boiled eggs, (rare) whole grain chips with salsa, (rare) devil's food cookies, (normal) baby carrots, (rare) container stuffed with tiny sweet pickles! [Usually this pack has celery and some sort of dipping sauce, or a salad or something more nutritional. On this day she had been working for like seven days straight and I felt she deserved to be surprised by a bit of a party fare!]

Thursday, March 17

March Challenge: Week 3, #3

Zumba! Yesterday, I was off, too! Man stayed a step behind and forgetting parts of my favorite dance! I need to gets groove back.

Praying this week!

Praying for a loss! This week has been a bit like – whoa! I really need to shake it off and refocus!

Wednesday, March 16

Monday, March 14

What still needs to be done:

So much more than what is! Let's see:

Flower girl dresses.

New suit for the wife.

Out taxes. So that we have a bit more cash!

And finally biggest ticket items, the ones that will be the hardest and hurt the pockets the most! How scary!

Plane tickets.


OMG! How could I forget! Also the official and the freaking venue. Might hyperventilate!

What's been done:

So as you guys know I am going to be a caged bird in a little under two months! Oh my. Only, I was worried over money (still am, just not as bad) and I drug my feet! If you peek at the counter you might notice I am almost out of time to plan. So here is what has been done:

The shoes I love!

The shoes I can afford. I love them so much! They are pretty much EXACTLY what I wanted minus red soles. Really, who cares about that!

The dress I order from the Internet because it was not available in stores.

The dress I have as back up incase! (Of course then we need different shoes!)

The beginnings of my bouquet!

Sunday, March 13

March Challenge: Week 3, #s 1 & 2

Yesterday I had so much to do, but I made myself a deal that if I got enough done I would go to a Zumba master class – I got it done! TWO hours of amazing Zumba!
Just now I watched Bounty Hunter while hitting the stationary for an hour! Awesome!

Saturday, March 12


12.1 to go to 100 pounds – I feel like I am dreaming!

Friday, March 11

The shoes of my soul!

If I could wear these my wedding could be no more epic! Couldn’t you see it? Simple little white dress, my flowers and these AMAZING shoes. Retarded! I die!

Sh*t I didn't eat!

It was a good day for me and the blog because the shit was out for blood. Only I have Charlie Sheen tiger blood and it wasn't going down that way!


The flowers!

I am in love with the idea of flowers that will be lovely and quirky for the rest of my life! Here they are. Now, to make them look like a bouquet!

Thursday, March 10


Weight Watchers has changed so much, it's sad and a bit agitating. They say they came up with a healthy plan, "Free fruit!" but I feel like it doesn't help people learn full and satisfied. I feel irbid misleading. Then they say they want us to make healthy choices, but they know their market and they know how to make a buck. At my last meeting they gave samples of their lemon mouse bars, 70 calories for something a little less that two inches. Was it good? Sure, but would it fill or last? No. It would probably leas to the whole box being eaten, all points being used. Oh, but that's okay. If you use all your points on these things you can eat free fruit and then BAM - you can pay us even longer because we are helping the problem. Maybe not in the same flamboyant way of the golden arches, but is a simple sheeps clothing kind of way!

March Challenge: Week 2, # 4

Woot! Yesterday I boogied at Zumba for an HOUR and a HALF! I love Zumba – no, you guys REALLY. I would marry Zumba!

Wednesday, March 9

Shit I didn't eat at work today:

King Cake! It is so good! Down here it is every where during Mardi Gras. Thing is, it is good but next to impossible to count and just DO NOT do anything I can hold myself account able! Fun note: because I wasn't having any, I got to have the baby!

Tuesday, March 8

March Challenge: Week 2, # 3

Went for an early morning run and I LOVE STARTING MY DAY that way! I honestly can not wait for it to be a regular part of my schedule!

Monday, March 7

If you are looking for a weight loss program:

Calorie counting:
This is an awesome calculator I use because it gives me how many calories I can eat and maintain, how many I can eat and lose a “little” and how many I can eat and lose “a lot” – so on days when I really am hungry I know I can eat as many as the highest number and not gain, but also if I stay under the rest of the week I lose! NEVER go under 1200 calories a day. (If you happen to have an off day at 1000 fine, but do not make it a habit! You will mess yourself up and even if you do lose you will gain back as soon as you eat normally.
Losetit app
Great for tracking calories on your iPhone or Android.
If you are doing it on your pc I also REALLY like!
However, if you don’t have a phone that can track it is easiest to just carry around a little note book to write your foods down and a simple calorie counting book to have when you are unsure.

Weight watchers info:
A website with the food calculator.
A site with lots of points values and cooking tips and stuff.

How to Calculate How Many Weight Watchers Points You Get - THIS IS FOR THE OLD POINTS PROGRAM!!!! THIS IS NOT FOR POINTS PLUS!!!!

1. What do you weigh? Use the first two numbers of your weight. Example: If you weight 175 – use 17.

2. Are you: Example: If you are female use 2.
a. Male – 8.
b. Female – 2.

3. How old are you? Example: If you are 30 use 3.
a. 17ys-26ys – 4.
b. 27ys-37ys – 3.
c. 38ys-47ys – 2.
d. 48ys-58ys – 1.
e. Over 58ys – 0.

4. How at tall are you? Example: If you are 5’2” use 1.
a. Under 5’1” – 0.
b. 5’2”-5’10” – 1.
c. Over 5’11” – 2.

5. Do you spend most of your work day: Example: if you are a sales clerk at the Gap use 2.
a. Sitting (office worker) – 0
b. Mainly standing (Sales person, mom) – 2
c. Walking (postal worker) – 4
d. Physically hard work (Construction) – 6

a. Solely breastfeeding – 10.
b. Breast and bottle feeding – 5.

Now add up your numbers, if we did the example it would be 17+2+3+1+2=25 points a day.

Along with your daily points you get 35 extra points per week, to use a bit everyday or to splurge on something fun. Weekly points can not be rolled to the next week either!

Also, the books can be bought off ebay, so can calculators. If you do this talk to me and I will help you pick the right ones, so you don’t wind up buying a mix of new and old information. Mixing programs does not work.

Umi = yummy!

So we tried a new sushi place this weekend and my thought was, "If all else fails, I am happy we have clear soup within 30 minutes of the house!" Only this place wasn't an epic fail! It was good. The sushi was fresh and perfect and the sashimi, while not the best, was not the worst I ever had. All in all - yay! Oh, and I tries a new quail egg thing, it was --- odd! LoL!

Grilled Vegetables Mediterranean

This was last Thursday's meal!
Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers Mediterranean Inspired Grilled Vegetables Mediterranean. Again, it is not yet on, and here we go:
Calories 220
Total Fat 2.5
Saturated Fat .5
Trans Fat 0g
Polyunsaturated Fat 1g
Monounsaturated Fat 1g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 600mg
Potassium 470mg
Total Carbohydrate 42g
Dietary Fiber 7g
Sugars 7g
Protein 6g

Vitamin A 10% Vitamin C 6% Calcium 6% Iron 10% Thiamine 10% Riboflavin 10% Vitamin B6 8% Vitamin B12 8% Pantothenic Acid 10% Phosphorus 20% Magnesium 15% Zinc 10% Selenium 15% Manganese 50%

Indiviual componets:
Vegies - A.
Rice - A-mazing! We will talk more about this below.
Sauce - Nope, this one is - while not bad - not really anything!
Overall meal:
Another perfectly cooked meal - and, as promised, I am going to go ahead and declare that you can just go ahead a bet on a well cooked lunch if you go with this line and set the microwave for the right amount of time. This sauce is a very weak (to the point of almost not being there) version of the previous Mediterranean meals sauce. (BTW - when I realized I did these on back to back days I saw my own lack of a smart choice.) I am a bit of a blander side of things person (cooking, this only applies to cooking) and if I notice something is a bit flat it is probably VERY flat for a person who really enjoys FLAVOR that punches the tongue. So, for me where I could maybe see a fail with the sauce there is a HUGE, RIDONKULOUS PASS with the rice. A PASS that makes me think all of these could be winners on some level. Ready? Rice. I love rice - I HATE REWARMED rice. I don't like it warmed later in the day, or fridge and then warmed and I can not stand frozen rice! So, now that you know that you can imagine the disdain that I approached this meal with (take whatever you imagined just now and times it by ten, still probably not enough!) This rice was - PERFECTLY cooked. It was as if I cooked it myself on the stove. Fluffy, soft with a bit of substance! I am about to say I love HC and their Cafe Steamers!

March Challenge: Week 2, # 2

Went for a walk with G. It was the first in a long time. She was my walking bud when I started this, and it was nice to hit the street with her!
We walked an hour and covered a 5K. Plus stopped mid way and improvised some Zumba in the muddles of the street! Awesome!

Sunday, March 6

The last of your kind.

At the beginning there were four little black fish swimming at the bottom of my blog. They each repped a certain amount of weight loss. The first 25 pounds, the second 23, the third 20, the fourth and final fish was 18 pounds. Well, today my last black kio is on his way! Good bye, swim strong and live happy somewhere else!

Saturday, March 5

March Challenge: Week 2, # 1

Zumba! Love. I brought a friend who was a bum, and when she went to the bathroom a lady told her that she wanted to knock me down because I had too much energy! That is not nice!

Weekly Meeting (Wk42)

Lost 3.4 – total 86.1 – current 169! In 14 pounds I will have lost 100 pounds! Insane!
Sad thing is that in my group people who were so happy for me in the beginning are starting to be a little catty and say stuff like, “oh, you are gonna pass me up.” They say it like a joke, but with an edge. I miss the friend who wanted me to do well.

86.1 pounds down!

Over the last 42 weeks I have been fortunate and I have worked hard. With the strength of God and my awesome family i have gotten to a place that I am close to closing on 100 pounds! Wow, and amazing and thank God!

Thursday, March 3

Temporarily suspending this goal.

I am having trouble using 43 things and so, while I love keeping track of big goals, little ones are not worth th frustration. :) I will still be working on weight loss, meeting goal and all my workouts, I just can’t work the damn Moral widget and I am going batty!

March Challenge: Week 1, # 3

Hit up Zumba last night. I am so happy with that class. I was bummed when I heard that Monday was canceled but to make up Wednesday is and extra half hour, hell yeah! An Thursday is too so I might drive out after work to Zumba in a new place!

Wednesday, March 2

Tuesday, March 1

Balsamic Garlic Chicken

Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers Mediterranean Inspired Balsamic Garlic Chicken.
It recieves a B on and here is the info on it:
Calories 250
Total Fat 4.0g
Saturated Fat 1.4g
Trans Fat 0.0g
Cholesterol 30mg
Sodium 540mg
Total Carbohydrates 37.9g
Dietary Fiber 5.9g
Sugars 7.1g
Protein 20.1g
Vitamin A 10% • Vitamin C 6% Calcium 6% • Iron 9%

Indiviual componets:
Vegies - good, not over cooked and not mushy.
Noodles - perfectly done.
Sauce - balsamic - like a light salad dressing, but a darker rue to it.

Overall meal:
Another prefectly cooked meal, refreshing and if this happens again tomorrow I might just say you can count on it! The sauce is good, not something I would usually consider Mediterranean, I really enjoy Mediterranean - not that I didn't enjoy this - I DID! Just not your typical Mediterranean flavor. I would eat it again, it was really good - I even enjoy the amount of sauce, not too much or too little.

Time for tea?

I think I mentioned that I am LOVING tea as of late. Nari suggested vanilla tea to which I say YES! I am on love.
A few weeks ago my lovey's step father brought over a few boxes of her mother's things. (Her mother passed away in '98 I believe.) So while she was unpacking i was blown away by the fact that almost every item made me want to squeal! Fabrics and sewing projects and glitter! They could be my boxes! As she was pulling a tea cup out of the box we both made the following remarks at the exact same time: Me "OMG, I love it!" Her "I don't really care about a lot of this." lol!
So I got the tea cup and later she found a matching saucer! This have been my new fav thing at the office! Contest!

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