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I work full time and I barely have time to breathe. In 2005 hurricane Katrina rearranged my life, since then I have gained roughly 80-90 pounds. I believe that it started in depression and became an addiction. I have started and failed many diets and then decided that MAYBE if I combine diet and exercise with blogging and shopping I might be able to find success. This is the story of 2010 and my struggle to rise above addiction, pain, depression and fat.
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The road to MY PERSONAL goal BMI/weight!

Sunday, January 31

I was working on my video post.

I swear I did nothing to make the food one so damn big but it's huge. That's so my life. Even when I try to down play the food, it's huge!

Friday, January 22

For Haiti - please help any way you can.

I can not explain lost, true and entire. I can not explain it's endlessness, or what empty feels like. Hurricane Katrina was the hardest event I have ever endured, I pray constantly that it will be the hardest I will ever endure. That is quite possible. I still deal with the life changing effects daily. I would NEVER have gotten through that time immediately following Monday, August 29, 2005 if it were not for the immense and overwhelming generosity of complete strangers.
If you can, a dollar or five dollars, please help the people of Haiti. Be a part of someones life in a way you can not imagine.
You can text "HAITI" to 90999 and have ten dollars added to your cell phone bill, you can log onto the Hope For Haiti Now website here and donate, you can contact your Red Cross BUT if you go through Red Cross or any other site please look into how your donations are going to be use to directly help the people who need it. Finally, a gift that is free - please pray for the mothers and children and people of Haiti.

Wednesday, January 20

I'm sick.

Like one nostril is stuffed as the other runs wildly. Like coughing hurts my bones. Like I just wish I could stay home. :( Like everything I eat taste a little off. Water hurts my throat, doctors cost money, just want sleep...

Monday, January 18

Week 3 - Blood & Cravings. (And illness, oh my!)

This week ended with me being really sick. I have not watched my food intake, I also haven't eaten very much! I am not weighing in.
Day: 1, Saturday
Saints WON - no DEMOLISHED!!!!
? maybe 4 cups of water.
Breakfast - Football
Lunch - Football
Dinner - Football
Snacks - Football
Total points: ?
Bonus points balance: Ha.
Day: 2, Sunday
4 or 5 cups of water.
Breakfast - Football
Lunch - Football
Dinner - Football
Snacks - Football
Total points: ?
Bonus points balance: Ha.
Deciding that I should journal even if I don't follow plan - I have picked it back up after three day being, how can I say it - REALLY bad!
Day: 3, Monday
cups of water.
Breakfast - (10:18 a.m.) None yet, 0
Lunch - Taco Bell - 2 Tacos, 3; Bean burrito, 5
Dinner - Taco Bell - 2 Naco cheese chicken chalupa, 12
Snacks - M&M's, 5; Fancy cakes, 6
Total points: 31.
Bonus points balance: .
Day: 4
4 cups of water.
Breakfast - Fancy cakes, 6
Lunch - Bean burrito, 4
Dinner - Shrimp & sobi??, 10
Snacks - Probably, I'll just put 10 in case. But actually I was pretty sick and didn't really eat too much...
Total points: 30.
Bonus points balance: .
Day: 5
cups of water.
Breakfast - Dry M&BS oatmeal, 3
Lunch -
Dinner -
Snacks - Chips,
Total points: .
Bonus points balance: .
Day: 6
cups of water.
Breakfast -
Lunch -
Dinner -
Snacks -
Total points: .
Bonus points balance: .
Day: 7 ()
cups of water.
Breakfast -
Lunch -
Dinner -
Snacks -
Total points: .
Bonus points balance: .

We are not talking one hungry plant here! We're talking mean green mother!

I started The Bleed today. That make so much sense. That is why I have been a cry baby of epic amounts and as hungry as a momma bear waking up after winter. Where is my chocolate? Pizza? French fries? FEED ME!

Sunday, January 17

Football all week end long.

This week end I ate crap. Like a shit load of crap. It wasn't my fault - it was the NFL's. Seriously, nerves make me eat and football make me nervous. Right now every playoff game directly affects who my Saints will play in three weeks. My plan is to get back to it in a severe way starting Monday!

Friday, January 15

Wouldn't be a real FAT girl without my...

CATS! You know it's such a sad reality that I fit so lovely into the stereotype - fat girl with cats. Only these are AMAZING cats!
There is Kinny (actual name Kinneth Cole, Hand Bags & Shoes,) our tuxedo cat. He is our oldest at roughly six years old this January. Kinny is the only B.K. (before Katrina) animal I have. Then there is Lir (actual name A Hero For Her Sake,) our blue point Siamese, and our youngest. He is six months old. He is SPOILED rotten! In between the eldest and the youngest is a stray that we have been blessed with, Darri (actual name Darrius Jane.) I am not sure how old she is, I estimate roughly nine months. She is our only little girl kitty and our princess!

A whole new week. (Week 2.)

Day: 1
7 cups of water.
Breakfast - Egg & steak taco w/ salsa, 5
Lunch - Chicken Alfredo, 7
Dinner - 20 baked asparagus spears & 6 baked mushrooms, 0
Snacks - Pickle, 0; Sunkist fruit snacks, 4
IHOP - Whites only omelet, 7; biscuit, 3; hash browns 5
McD's - Low fat vanilla ice cream cone, 3
Total points: 34.
Bonus points balance: 31.
Day: 2
5 cups of water.
Breakfast - One yolk-three whites mushrooms, onions, celery & shallot eggs, 3
Lunch - Pasta & turkey, 11
Dinner - Baked mushrooms, 0
Snacks - Sunkist fruit snacks, 4; Milkduds, 13; Rock sugar stick, 3; Baked! Tortilla chips, 2
Total points: 36.
Bonus points balance: 25.
Day: 3
4 cups of water.
Breakfast - SlimFast, 5
Lunch - Special K vanilla & almonds, 2; bean burrito, 3
Dinner - Turkey meatloaf & baked onions, 10
Snacks - Sucker, 3; Peanut butter, 2; Baked! Tortilla chips, 2; Peanut butter tortilla, 3
Total points: 30.
Bonus points balance: 25.
Day: 4
5 cups of water.
Breakfast - Slimfast, 5
Lunch - Progresso chicken & corn chowder, 9
Dinner - Ground turkey stuffed tomatoes & mushrooms, 10
Snacks - Boiled egg, 2; 3 Muskateers, 6; Asian mix, 2
Total points: 38.
Bonus points balance: 17.
Day: 5
3 1/2 cups of water.
Breakfast - SlimFast, 5
Lunch - TACO BELL - 26
Dinner - Scrambled egg whites, tomato, mushroom... 0
Snacks - Cotton candy, 1; Chocolate, 5
Total points: 37.
Bonus points balance: 10.
Day: 6
2 cups of water.
Breakfast - SlimFast, 5
Lunch - Olive Garden - Muscles, 2; Salad, 1; Bread sticks, 11
Dinner - Bread sticks & dip, 10
Snacks - 2 Boiled eggs, 4
Total points: 33.
Bonus points balance: 7.
Day: 7 (238.4)
cups of water.
Breakfast -
Lunch -
Dinner -
Snacks -
Total points: I have no idea.
Bonus points balance: Probably none.


Out to lunch.

This was an awful day and I guess I gave up posting it half way through. If you enjoy stories that go no where and leave you screaming, AND THEN? go ahead and read it!
For Christmas my grandmother gave me an Olive Garden gift card. (Thank you, Granny!) Today my partner and I decided to use it. Now, here's the deal. I have been reading A LOT of blogs lately written by servers and really bashing us customers. I have always seen tipping as one of the few ways to buy Karma, and an easy way to make someone who was having a crap day have a really great one. Also, one of the great things about living in the blog-o-sphere is learning what others go through, so I was looking for ward to this trip to OG.
Let me stop here and say that I am a "water with lemon" drinker, not because I am cheap but because I like it and I try not to drink my calories. (Seriously, calories are worth so much more in foods that drinks. I will take lemon water and a burger over some fatty, fruity drink and a salad ANY day!) I know the look I am going to get when I order my water, and apparently 9 out of 10 times that look would apply, but I hate it anyway. It’s the look that says, “You are not going to tip so I am not going to be very helpful.” It comes with a great big fake smile and a lengthy disappearance between ordering drinks and having them come. Order almost anything and it will come out fast, water drinkers – we will just have to wait. That’s when my mind starts to tick off and I start to get upset. I am whole heartedly caught in a catch 22. If I tip the way I am treated then I just proved the stereotype right – water drinker equals shit tip.
We arrive at 2:30, there isn’t a wait and we are sat in seconds. It’s me and my girl friend and we have a table for two, so no extra space is being taken up. Our server appears and we order our waters, mine with lemon. The look is given and she disappears for the first time. I take this time to look around and realize that we are one of very few tables dinning at this point. Great, we should get grand service and move pretty quickly. Roughly five minutes later a group of three old ladies arrive.

Thursday, January 14

"Nothing taste as good as skinny feels." ~ The lovely, Kate Moss

Yin - First of all that is retarded. Who ever said that obviously never tasted Key lime pie, fudge, CC's pizza, steak, bubble tea, Taco Bell. The idea that you could imagine a small pair of jeans being more satisfying than butter. Insane.
Yang - Ain't that the truth? Seriously, it takes longer and it is hard and it doesn't melt on your tongue. But skinny is NICE.

People got all bent when Kate Moss recently said this is a motto she tries to live by. Whateve peeps, get over it. She wasn't telling little chickies to puke after dinner or to starve for days, she was saying that that works for her. I have been trying to adopt that BUT until I am skinny it just isn't gonna work. :)

Wednesday, January 13

Headless fatties. Oh, my!

So, the other day I stumbled across this gem. It's all about the headless fattie pictures you see all over the Internet and the news. I thought, "Well, Little FAT, it's time." I took my headless fattie picture. I did it in the all out way that "before" photos are taken; sans bra, worst jeans, pooch out. Then I saw it and almost died, but here it is. With shame and pride: MY HEADLESS FATTIE PICTURE! (Notice that I made the picture small as blogger possible!)

The sun comes out, but only just a little.

I just found out I am eating Taco Bell for lunch, and so you know what I realized? All that business about not wanting to eat was pure, self-indulgent crap. Drama. What my little fat ass meant was, "I don't want to eat healthy or lose weight." (I guess when I get sad it's kind of a why bother attitude that takes over.) However, as we all know there is a good and a bad way of doing things and I am going to do Taco Bell the right way: Fresco tacos (2), 6; Bean burrito, 6; Fiesta chicken burrito, 8. Yes, it's twenty points but it is also enough to eat for lunch and snack on! There is little better than noshing on The Bell of Bells all afternoon. Maybe life doesn't suck so bad. (Or maybe I am healing emotional wounds with food. Aww, shit, man!)

I am so bummed out.

Life just sucks sometimes. It can be the littlest thing and it can have such a huge effect. I don't want to talk, I don't want to eat (WTF???) I don't even want to be awake. :(

Tuesday, January 12

Do you like tomatoes?

Ground turkey stuffed tomatoes & mushrooms, 10. It would have only been 5 points but I had to have two stuffed tomatoes. It was all really easy to make, and fun. I think that that is one big change that has happened over the last few years. I love to cook, and it's pretty easy to make easy, healthy food. The problem is cost. It is so expensive to grocery shop. To have fresh food, organic foods, top of the line meats and fish. We switched to ground turkey about three years ago (we still eat red meat) and it was really a great switch.

Taste just like stamps.

I loved licking stamps when I was a kid, now I have this Asian party mix stuff and the non-spicy bits taste just like stamps used to!

Monday, January 11

True of False - Foodies vs. Fatties

All fatties are foodies. (False.)
All foodies are fatties. (False.)

FOOD ADDICTION - It's a very real thing and I battle it. (More often unsuscessfully.) However, I wanted to mention that while I talk about my weight and my addiction it does not mean that every fattie is a food addict (foodie.) I am a fat foodie. While most foodies are over weight it's important to note that even if your compulsive eating is not causeing you to gain weight you are still at a huge health risk and that moderation is important.

Sunday, January 10

It's been a bad fucking day.

I have eaten SO much crap. I really need to go to the grocery to get better snacks and such. I am just so tired and my body hurts so bad and I don't want to do anything. Fuck.

Damn you, IHOP, damn you straight to... Heaven. You beautiful beast!

Well, I went with a plan. I ordered my egg white veggie & cheese omelet, no toast or biscuit or pancakes, and a side of hash browns. I ordered my decaffe coffee and drank it black. I was sticking to it. Ready, and then... Christian, our waiter, brought out a plate of biscuits with my food. Oh, no. I knew when I saw it that I was done. I told myself, "Okay, Little FAT, but just one." I only ate one, but I wanted them all.

Saturday, January 9

What wouldn't we do? (We could call this post the truth about Weight Watchers.)

The 'we' there in that title is a collective fat girl we. Yes, we will drink water all day to have pizza at night and still meet our point range.
I was reading online that WW is not an effective means of "dieting" and that diet & exercise is not an effective way to lose weight or maintain weight long term IF you are already over weight. The general idea was that once you are a lardie the thought that you could diet and be active for the rest of your life is preposterous. It is, no one-time fat girl can be completely rigid their whole life and stick to a "diet" forever. She can make a change to her life style. She can work on herself and realize that she doesn't need the comfort that food provides, or that whatever whole in her life she was filling can be filled another way. She can decide that she doesn't need addiction, just like any other addict can recover. (Beating a food ADDICTION is harder, in my opinion, than any other drug addiction because you have to eat. There is no abstaining from that. If you ask any truly recovered addict if they thought that they could have just one hit the answer would be no. So when you are a food addict you are required to have just one hit three times a day and to be "normal" afterward. To overcome that there must be something new. In my case, blogging has really helped. I love to write and now when food is all over my brain I blog, I obsess, I nit pick each word, and I chew the fuck out of ice.)
Now, the reason they said that WW was not a "good" plan was that it preached that you could eat anything you wanted as long as you watch your points and there for it taught fatties to eat veggies all day so that they could eat ice cream all night. (BTW - that's not a direct quote, it's the real person speak of a complex Dr. language that they were using.) So, anyway, while you do lose weight doing this you don't learn anything about nutrients or low caloric intake, blah, blah, blah. While reading the article it became clear that they had probably never been fat and that they had probably never attended a WW meeting. Even of they did, no one can see the magic of WW in one meeting or in reading a business plan. WW magic is a slow developing, life long seed. It's the implantation of a little voice in the back of your mind. Don't get me wrong, while my meeting leader waxed poetic bs about how great veggies are and how fiber fills there were women in the back of the class swapping the secrets to eating peas all day so that they could have a full size Snickers bar at night, BUT normally those women would have had three Snickers and eaten McD's for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don't tell me they were not learning something.
At first I, myself, found a way to keep my fast food by banking points. (I don't think it's call that anymore.) I rationalized cheese with water all day and I lost weight. WHEN I lost weight I started thinking that I wanted to keep losing weight and suddenly my fast food was not as important as feeling good or buying jeans I loved or getting pictures back and being happy with myself. At the moment in time that I decided to nix my fast food and dive head long into losing weight I didn't have to research low calorie food. I didn't have to learn about the nutritional value of high fiber, low calorie veggies. I already knew all that. I knew it because WW had been drilling it into my preoccupied skull. I knew it because even though you can eat anything they work hard to teach what you should eat. Suddenly that little voice in my head that used to whisper, "You can totally have that cake. Eat it ALL." Started to shout, "That piece of shit cupcake is smaller than your pinkie toe and cost 7 points! We could eat two boiled eggs with pepper for 4!" I was happy eating a boiled egg for a snack, it was filling and tasted good. Of course, on days when I had to have pizza, I could eat as I wanted. Those days came, but with a clear plan I bounced right back. That was seven years ago. I was doing well and then I had a baby, a break up, a hurricane... Still I had the voice notating point values as I ate. I did learn, I was given the tools I just was not using them. Now that I am ready I feel good about it. I feel like I have a way and a chance that I would not have with out my time in the WW meetings.
Today, more like tonight, I am taking my daughter on a surprise trip to IHOP. Stuffed french toast = 15 points. Briefly I was trying to figure out how to make that happen, then I thought better. Instead I will have a veggie omelet and an order of hash browns for 13 points, much better use of food in my opinion!

Friday, January 8

New way of doing food journal entries.

I decided to keep them for a week each post. At the end of the week (at the time of the next weigh in or the day of it or WHATEVER) I will post how much was lost, where I am at, what my goal is, yadda-yadda. At the end of that rattle will be my food journal for that week. I am going to keep up with it daily but still make it a week per entry!
Day 1: (245.6)
Two SlimFast shakes & yogurt = 12
Turkey patty & Baked! Cheetos = 10
Two turkey tacos = 8
For a final total of 30! Yay!
So far I have done two 16oz. cups of water, but that is just the beginning!
Day 2:
SlimFast shakes: 10
Snack: 6
Dinner - Lean steak, grilled & asparagus, baked & onions (which are both 0): 15 OH and wine: 2
Using 3 points from my bonus 35 (which is already down 4) and having a Baked! Cheetos snack! Yummy.
Total points today: 36
Water: 10
Day 3:
10 - 8 oz. water
SlimFast shakes: 10
Hummus: 4
snack: 6
Turkey tacos: 10
Total points: 30
Day 4:
Water - 8 cups
Riblet: 5
Snacks: 6
Mushrooms: 1
Shrimp: 1
Pasta: 4
Cookies: 8
Salsa & chips: 1
Okay, now here is what is fun - I did that this Friday morning from memory and have the real points at home on a box. Inadvertently we are going to see just how forgetful a dieting woman can be of her indiscretions this after noon when I get home!
Just checked the box and I left off "Nibbles" which is what I call it when I cook for the fam and taste along the way. I charged myself 4 points for nibbles so my food total is 30.
Day 5: (238.6)
Water - 6
SlimFast: 10
Moo Goo: 7
Ragoon: 4
Rice: 8
Snack: 2
Total: 35

Little BLACK Fish

You might notice that way down low in my fish tank there are four new blackies. The blackies are representative of my weight loss goals. Which are as follows (in the order of how I need to reach them.): 24 pounds, 22 pounds, 19 pounds, 18 pounds. As I reach one I will remove a fishy. :)
Weighed in this morning after: A) Having a rough day yesterday. B) Having only four days on the plan.
238.6 - Which, actually, is exactly 7 pounds. That's right, don't be jelly.

BTW - my first "offical" goal is 24 pounds. So I have 17 to go! Woot, woot!

Thursday, January 7

Oh, fuck it. (Updated.)

Today I am using 36 points - it's fast food day. Am I happy? Er, I am not really sure. I wish that I could enjoy it. Instead I will just be scared that it will kill my ability to do this. Ugh.

And then, that didn't happen. I still used a bunch of points but on MUCH healthier food. I made pasta and shrip and decided that we would do fast food Friday night. That works because my Weigh in is in the morning and I'd rather not be crazy bloated with salt and fast food stuck in my gut.

Today has not been good.

My car is dying, slowly. Thank God for the slowly part or I would be stranded a 1000 times over. I might have to buy a new (old) one. I was looking at a 2000 Honda Accord. It's old, but those are great cars and it has less than 70,000 miles on it. Because of school and car drama I didn't eat or drink my shake until very late this morning and I just feel icky. I ate a veggie riblet, yep. I just could NOT drink my meal this morning! I did manage to chew and enjoy each bite, making last longer and making me taste the food. That made the whole experience actually feel like I ate and not just swallowed. I have only had four cups of water, I am doing really poor today. I don't really want to eat so much as cry. While I am down because of my car situation I think it's more a way of myself trying to force myself to comfort with food. Sigh.

Wednesday, January 6

You have got to be fucking with me.

I'm not that hungry. Ewww. Seriously people what is the logic behind this stuff? No, I get it. It can't last long, though. It can't be okay for your body. It's wretched!

"Weight Loss Tongue Patch Surgery:
Dr. Chugay has recently begun performing a revolutionary weight reduction procedure, which he has dubbed the Miracle Patch.
This patch, when surgically applied to the tongue, produces a means to lose weight never before offered by other surgeons.
During a reversible procedure that takes less than an hour, the patient is fitted with a custom patch for the tongue which makes chewing of solid foods very difficult and painful, limiting the patient to a liquid diet. Under the direct supervision of Dr. Chugay and his staff, the patient is put on an easy to follow liquid diet, fulfilling all of their nutritional needs while at the same time minimizing caloric intake and maximizing weight loss results.
Recovery is rapid; and patients are typically able to return to work the following day.
10 patients have received the surgery and have seen impressive weight loss results, with some losing as much as 20 pounds lost in the first month after surgery.
Dr. Chugay is excited about bringing this procedure to Southern California and is thrilled to offer a solution to the eternal search for rapid weight loss techniques."


That's all.

I have a new daily tracking system.

Food journals are a huge part of losing weight. If you don't do it you lie to yourself, okay, okay. If I don't do it I lie to myself. At the same time I am constantly starting little food notebooks here and there. So, I decided to write my daily food and snacks on my water cup for that day. I also track my water on it! Then when it's all done I write it here. Here's to finding methods that work!

Water. Water. Water. Water. Water. Water. Water. Water. Water.

Every time I get really hungry to where I think, "Oh, hells NO!" I drink my water and really do feel better, fuller.
Also, anything I can swallow is a good thing. (Okay, who's the slut because that is so not what I meant!) I mean, when I think of my food appreciation as an addiction it goes well beyond the fact that my favorite things are unhealthy. If that was the only problem it wouldn't really be one. There are many times I don't care what I am shoving in my mouth, I don't even taste it. Chewing isn't the part and being full is not the it part either. There is some sick high I get while I am swallowing. I really have to make myself stop and think about eating. Maybe, after writing it out, it seems it could be Freudian. Like any good self-destructive addiction it only makes me feel good for a moment and then there is nothing but physical yuck-ness, guilt and self hatred. Imagine if crack was sold at brightly lit chain stores or being a ridiculous drunk was socially acceptable ~ even smokers are chastised these day. However, if your poison is food you have about ten or more 24 hour hook ups just waiting to kill you slowly and for under a dollar at most places. Humf.

Well, while writing all of that I thought, "Give yourself a number, Little FAT Me, and then work on chewing that many times." I came up with 32, because that seems to be what all people over the age of forty were told by their grandparents. Who knows? Sometimes old people are the best to ask. Of course the first snack I ate after that revelation was hummus. Hummus is not something you can really chew, much less 32 times. Alright, next time.

Oh, this is going to be FUN!

I am going on a little hunt for the points of all my most loved foods, top of the list ~ CC's Pizza spinach & mushroom carry-out pizza. It's like the best sex you ever had one every last one of your little taste buddies! Ready ~ OK!

My most loved pizza: 5 points a slice
Big Mac & medium fry: 24 points
Taco Bell bean burrito: 5
TB 7 layer: 9
TB fresco chicken burrito: 4
BUBBLE TEA w/ pearls (of course): 8

Oh, this is getting painful!

I already feel better.

I think it's the intake of water. I feel like I am purging toxins (or maybe just drowning my brain.) Either way this waster thing is great. I, personally, like drinking water and LOVE chomping ice. Ice is how I got to 10 eight ounce cups yesterday. And chowing down on ice is a great "snack" type activity. Yippee! Another great advantage to drinking Arctic amounts of water - trips to the potty become like exercise. Seriously, I must have drug myself to the bathroom three time last night and that was after I went to bed. While I was awake it was like second nature to be on the pot. :)
I find myself amazed that the Vanilla mix-it-yo'self-bitch shakes are SO good. They are. Last night I actually was craving one like I usually only lust over ice cream. OMG ~ speaking of frozen creamy goodness, B&J (my besties) totally have a new flavor called... wait for it... Mission to Marzipan. Sexy or what? Sexy. Oh, I just noshed on a whole pint of that loveliness last Wednesday. Thank God! If not I might be climbing the walls.

Tuesday, January 5

God, I have a wretched headache.

I still can't tell if it's diet or the fumes at work. I also have had the worst heart burn, don't know why...
I have an appointment here in town on Thursday and was going to be coming home early - BUT if it's as snowy-sleety as it says I might just stay home. The thing is, as bad as the world full of fast food and fatty goodness is for a food junkie, home is a million times worse. I have kids and kids have snacks and snacks have little voices that talk to me. I need to stock up on snacks that are safe in massive amounts. MASSIVE. AMOUNTS.

Food, food, food... food...

That's my brain right now. It's not even thinking of a kind of food, just FOOD!

Food tally:
SlimFast shakes: 10
Snack: 6
Dinner - Lean steak, grilled & asparagus, baked & onions (which are both 0): 15 OH and wine: 2
Using 3 points from my bonus 35 (which is already down 4) and having a Baked! Cheetos snack! Yummy.
Total points today: 36

Water: 10

Monday, January 4

First weigh in and today's final food tally:

Two SlimFast shakes & yogurt = 12
Turkey patty & Baked! Cheetos = 10
Two turkey tacos = 8
For a final total of 30! Yay!

So far I have done two 16oz. cups of water, but that is just the beginning!

As far as the weigh in goes, hell I will put it out there: 245. Now let me talk about that number so that we all know the secrets of the first weigh in. I wore my tennis shoes and jeans, weighed myself in the evening after eating and drinking all day. Next time I weigh in I will be doing it nude (the advantage of doing a WW plan at home) and it will be first thing in the morning after only peeing, pooping and stripping off my PJ's. OF COURSE this will give a better than normal result but it's only the first week and we all deserve a boost! Right? Right!

Oh, and about that maybe doughnut, if it did happen it happened before I decided to commit to this new lifestyle so it doesn't exist! I don't think that I did, I think I just picked a bit of chocolate. At this point in the diet, I wish I could remember a little better. Keep myself warm with memories of glaze! Yum!

I am about to go to the grocery store.

I decided that I should eat something before heading to make the groceries. If not two things will probably happen. 1) I may pass out. 2) I will eat the rotisserie chickens - all of them.
Who knows what crazy stuff I'll buy - at this point ANYTHING! So I am having a 3 oz. serving of cooked ground turkey with 1/4th a piece of cheese. Total points: 7.

OH, and 34 Baked! Cheetos @ 3 points sign me right up! Smack!

For quick look ups, you can run right over here. (It's got most of the generic food you could think of, and I just found out my wine is only 2 points a glass. Hells to the yeah!)

Aww, dang!

Today I think I ate a doughnut that I am not sure I remember. No, seriously.

I am sucking on a peice of provalone cheese.

At 70 calories and 5 grams of fat that little piece of heaven is the best 2 points I have used all day. In fact I am having another!
Seriously, they are painting downstairs and I can smell the fumes so bad my head is swimming. When I think of it though, I am not sure if it's the smell of paint or the physical withdrawal from food that's getting me. Nauseated, headache...

WW Point figure-outer.

In case you were wondering how many points that doughnut from Krispy Creme that I have in my car might be... Well, this would help you then. I am going to go online and snatch up a portable pointer from the Bay of E.

Mobile posting didn't work. :(

So I will just go ahead and write that post here:
I get 29 points a day (possibly 30.) Figuring out how much you get to chow is one time when you want to weigh a bit more so you get a few more points! Anywho, you also get extra points for working out BUT I don't use those. I figure I should just stick to my plan. I have had two SlimFast (one premixed Strawberries N' Cream and one made from Vanilla powder and 1% Kleinpeter Milk, my FAV kind of milk) and I have had one 8 oz. serving of Creamy Peach yogurt - my points used? 12.
I'm a little dinner OBSESSED at this point!

Daily points and stuff...

Here’s something to try to figure out your daily allotment.

1. Are you:
Female?………score 2
Male?………..score 8
Female and Breastfeeding?…..score 12

2. How old are you?
17-26…………..score 4
27-37…………..score 3
38-47…………..score 2
48-58…………..score 1
over 58…………score 0

3. What do you weigh?
Enter the 1st 2 digits of your weight in pounds.

4. How tall are you?
under 5′1………score 0
5′1 to 5′10…….score 1
over 5′10………score 2

5. Do you spend most of your day:
sitting down?……..score 0
Occasionally sitting, but mainly standing?….. score 2
Walking most of the time?……score 4
Doing physically hard work most of the time?….score 6

6. Do you want to:
Lose weight?………..score 0
Maintain your current weight?….score 4

*If your numbers add up to more than 44, you only eat the 44, and if the number is lower than 18, you eat the 18. You also get 35 bonus for the week.

Also, the formula for how many points something has is:
points = (calories / 50) + (fat / 12) - (fiber / 5) **over 4 fiber just use 4**

??? -

I have not weighed myself. Thank you very much. I do know that it's bad - it's got to be, even my fat jeans are tight. Which is why I am going straight to the SlimFast gods of drop-weight-fast. (Even faster now that the premixed shakes are infected with some sort of diarrhea bacteria. :)) No, really. I am 5'3ish" and roughly 237, so it's a dire situation that needs to have something happen! Here is my plan: I am weighing in on Friday mornings from now on, drinking at least five big ass glasses of water a day. SlimFast-ing at least two shakes a day (until further notice.) Eating what I want, but small. Trying to stick to the WW points system and exercising at least four times a week. Reward system is as follows: for every four weeks in a row that I work out at LEAST four times on my bike I get to spend 50 dollars on anything I want. YAY! This little beauty is the first of my hard work!
Well, whatever, you don't have to understand! My ultimate goal is to complete my weight loss journey some where between 145-165 pounds and then decide what corrective surgeries I would like. (Tummy tuck, breast lift and chin lift are my dreams!) Finally after being at my target weight for a year. I want a new car. Wish me luck! Contest!

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