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I work full time and I barely have time to breathe. In 2005 hurricane Katrina rearranged my life, since then I have gained roughly 80-90 pounds. I believe that it started in depression and became an addiction. I have started and failed many diets and then decided that MAYBE if I combine diet and exercise with blogging and shopping I might be able to find success. This is the story of 2010 and my struggle to rise above addiction, pain, depression and fat.
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The road to MY PERSONAL goal BMI/weight!

Tuesday, May 31

ARGH! #%^#&*()*)(_ Dang it!

Okay - I DO NOT GET IT! I don't know what I have done to the gods of blog BUT I know they are mad! I van't seem to leave a comment! I can't get into my account when it comes time to comment! I am angry! I just found Mandy and Tiffers and I can't FLIPPING COMMENT! SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, it's not right, but it's okay. I am going to make it anyway. I'm going to pack - wait? WTF? I am losing my mind (I wonder how much that weighs?!) and it's all because dumb blogger is effing with me!

Leah: The Kind Weight Watcher

Just found a lovely blog and I am entering a book give away contest! Here's the link:
I am really interested in reading up, as I was vegetarian for nine years, have been getting more and more interested in vegan cooking and TRULY want to try eating Gobble Green for four weeks straight! She also have me kind of hooked on the idea of IE (intuitive eating) so if I don't win the book I am buying it! HA!

Monday, May 30

Top 5 foods:

So over on LoseIt they compile a list of the five foods you use the most. Right now my list is:

Let's take a closer look. Bunny Light Wheat buns are 70 calories and so good. The almond milk I use is original unsweetened for 35 calories a cup, it's so creamy and tasty and when I need a sweet treat I add a teaspoon of vanilla extract and one Splenda. So freaking good! Iceberg lettuce is 10 calories a cup. I use it as a filler on days when I have few calories left but need a "big" meal. (I feel it bares mentioning that big meals are just proportionally correct meals as opposed to a light snack or shake reserved for days when I don't work out and don't have many calories left for dinner.) I also use it to dress up sandwiches. I swear a turkey sandwich becomes a deli delight when smeared with a Laughing Cow Swiss cheese light wedge and topped with fresh, cold, crunchy lettuce! Oh look, that brought us to the next thing the light Swisd cheese. I do so much with these and they can take the place of cheese AND mayo on your sandwich at only 35 calories it's a steal really. Finally, the always present egg white. I use real egg white, not the Egg Beaters. Theay are 17ish calories a piece for a large egg white and I scramble, I add spinach and a cheese wedge and cook like a crust-less quiche, I fry them and use them on sandwiches... The possibilities are endless!
At first when I saw this top five feature I was like, that's not a fair representation of the foods I eat. Only it is. There was a forum topic on LoseIt that asked if you could only bring five foods to an island which would it be. I would have probably over thought and chose wrong, but these would be them. They allow for such diversity and make breakfast, lunch, dinner an snacks that are both tasty and low calories! Yum!

From a size 28+ to a size 8 in 54 weeks!!!

Size 28+ (the jeans in this picture are a size 6 Lane Bryant which are actually a size 24/26 BUT they are too small so I had to use a rubber band that I would put around the button, through the button hole and back around the button!)

Size 8! No lie. (Not to mention, actually TO MENTION! These are the ones I bought, they are seven dollar Faded Glory jeans, BUT earlier this day I tried on an 8 Levis and they were super awesome! So it's not just a fluke!)

H2O - reloaded.

I am trying a bunch of yummy new waters. I used to shun them, but lately I have been craving a variety of flavors and figured this is a guiltless way of getting it. I picked up a bunch of Vitamin Water ZERO for a dollar a piece and then while shopping for WORK (I adore when my boss sends me shopping) I had to wait to get some help and found SoBe LIFEwater on sale, they have a few great sounding flavors and I was like, "What the heck?!"

This is the one I jut stuck in the fridge! Hope it's yum!

Once an addict, always an addict.

That's what I have heard. I guess, as I consider it, it is true. Also, I know people always say, "All they did was change addictions." The whole 'trading drugs for Jesus' thing. That, too, is true. I say, thank God! Thank God. I am an excersice fanatic instead of a food junkie. Thank God. I am addicted to water and not to sugar! As long as I can keep those things healthy then great. I am taking steps to make sure I can. I make myself plan "no work out" days and I actively strive to perfect a healthy water schedule for myself. Maybe it is all a bit obsessive, but I was obsessed before. My skin would crawl as I itched to get away from my family and to a drive through window. My mind would reel as I attempted to craft lies in preparation of my girlfriend smelling the grease and filth that clung to my hair and clothing after spending hours gorging myself on fast food alone in my car.
Thank God. Thank God. Thank God. My family has addiction through out it's history. My family has addiction everywhere you look. Maybe I can break it, if I can't then I can at least pass along healthy ones.

Today's Gourmet ~ 28 May 11

Another yummy go to. Baked tilapia and asparagus. Now in this case the asparagus is steamed from frozen. I like to bake it, also. Only I had run out of time. I love baking the tilapia and fooling with different seasonings, you can really do much with it! A new favorite herb for me is dill. I have been adding it to everything!

Sunday, May 29

Down .6! Thank God!

This week was ahard and sad week. It always am,azes me how bad a period can skew my emotional and physical balance. I always think, “It’s a period, I have 12 a year. I have to see this coming.” In truth when it hits I get SOOOOO down and dark and overwhelmed. It’s a pity. Thank God I lost anything!

Week 1, # 1

Today was a great day Zumba killed and I was not to crampy to waste ot and then me and G took a bike ride this evening! Yay!

Saturday, May 28


So after a day of excessive cleaning and organizing my BFF and I took a leisurely hour long bike ride. It was so beautiful and the weather was awesome!

Today's Gourmet ~ 26 May 11

Asain shrimp salad - LittleFATMe style!

Super easy! Iceberg lettuce, 6 cups - 60 calories. 3 oz. shrimp, 80 calories. 1/2 teaspoon sesame seeds, 13 calories. 1/2 tablespoon Smart Balance butter, 25 calories. 1 tablespoon Kraft Asain Toasted Sesame dressing, 45 calories. Finally, a super awesome dressing made my yours truly - ME! That dressing is a tablespoon of Wasabi horseraddish whipped with a teaspoon of pink pickled ginger juice. It's like 10 calories. So what's that? 233 calories? Oh, and sooooo sooooo sooooo good!

Friday, May 27

Sunday, May 22

Week 4, # 2

5K. In 27-30 minutes. That is all. :) Thank you.

Here's your ass, it's been handed to you.

Whoa! The humidity whipped me good. I didn’t run the entire thing, I think I burned myself out running the first 1.4 miles IN ELEVEN MINUTES!!!!! Also, due to my group sucking it wasn’t the “official” 5K, so…
I like organized races MUCH better!

Week 4, # 1

Saturday Zumba! Good, good burn! I am in HEAVEN!

Saturday, May 21

Week 53

-3! Thank God! Total loss 105.9! I have 19.1 pounds to go till goal! 19.1!!!

Friday, May 20

Today's Gourmet ~ 19 May 11

I opted not to take pictures of anything other than dinner because everything was pretty much the same! I an a prety boring eater I guess (oh, my little lovies I almost made a really dirty comment right there!)
Anywho, what was I saying? Oh, yes - as much as I like to eat and cook I don't mind being repetitive during the week. My gosh, it's work! So I figure my daily videos will be mush and my only feature what I actually change. We shall see. As a woman I reserve the right to change my mind, like a million times, as always! On to dinner:

Because some might care: broccoli (2 cups @ 50 cals) w/ spray butter, pepper and sea salt; tilapia (6 oz @ 150 cals) topped w/ spinach (1/4 cup @ 25 cals) three mushrooms (12 cals) a wedge of Laughing Cow light garlic and herb cheese (35 cals) and crab meat (1 oz @ 30 cals) = 302
So all together a great dinner, a teeny bit higher than normal!

Tuesday, May 17

Week 3, # 2

Monday night ~ Zumba! I was in a crank of a mood, so it was just zumba – little Z. Then she went old school on us and played me and my friend’s fav songs BOTH, for so long it’s been one or the other. We finished with our mutual fav cool down! Awesome!

Monday, May 16

My one hundred pound reward!

It may arrive late (as I don’t have the money) but this is what I want. I want my iPad and drawing accessories and programs. Then that is it for rewards, other than the fact that when I actually get to my goal I go to the surgeon to figure out tummy tucks and bigger boobs! Yay!

Week 3, # 1

Sunday – The twitter goal was to get and hour in. Reality was, I just couldn’t fit it in. I did manage to get about thirty minutes in. We walked to the river to peep how high it was and earlier I took my bike to the grocer. So, actually, I got about 45 of my 60 minutes yesterday!

Saturday, May 14

Today's Gourmet

Saturday, 14 May 11

Week 52

Really? A gain? a whole pound. No way. I ate perfect, I worked out EXTRA. Oh well, next week I will lose. Ho hum.

Friday, May 13

Days - they go a missing!

I don't know what inched it's way into the anals of Blogger, but my Wednesday post have vannished and my Thursday post could not be bothered to oshow up for work today! Grrr!

Wednesday, May 11

Week 2, # 4

ZUMBA!!! OMG, you guys. I love Zumba in ways retarded! I honestly don’t know what I love more, Zumba or running? I can’t wait to go running tomorrow! Yay!

Tuesday, May 10

Monday, May 9

Week 2, # 3

ZUMBA! Had a great work out, but she cut the class short and that really bothers me! Instead of an hour I got, like, a bit over 40 minutes!

I finally set one - 130.

Though sometimes I think I should set it at 125 or 113. I don’t know. I think I will do 130, make lifetime and then decide.

Sunday, May 8

Week 2, # 2

30 minute run, 2.5 miles, 274 calories. Not bad at all! :)

Week 2, # 1

Saturday ~ ZUMBA! I am back in the saddle and LOVING IT! What a great way to kick start a week!

100 Pounds! (Actually 103.9!!!)

Friday, May 6

Sh*t I didn't eat today.

I almost feel bad calling these shit, as they are my all time fav and recently were on the yahoo homepage as "guilt free" because if you have one they are not completely tragic for you. Still, I knew it was better to avoid the small bready devil!

Thursday, May 5

Week 1, # 2

See the entry “Not official…” under run and entire 5K! Hells to the yeah! I ran it, I ran it, I ran it! (Imagine that with a little spastic booty shaking dance – and that’s me.)

Wednesday, May 4

Week 1, # 1

I CANNOT believe I let this week pass and I just started my work outs. I did Zumba and it was awesome! I feel so alive because Zumba, for me, is an amazing warm up for running. I am back!

Monday, May 2

Today is the day.

I start training for this goal and I am thrilled! May seems to be the time of year for me to set goals! I am going to do this and set some new ones for the next year!

May goals:

May, May 2011 – and here it is almost a year. My injury took me down a notch, not out of the game, but down. This month I want to be back HARD CORE! I want to run a 5K at least once a week. I want to Zumba once a week and I want to work towards next year’s CCC 10K – I have new goals for my workouts and they are not merely fitness. I want to be the most amazing me I can!


I have two weeks to get to one year and I would like to have this goal complete. Please God, grant me self control and let me find my path I blazed over the last year!

Weekly Meeting (Wk 50)

I caught a weigh in in Burlington, didn’t stay for a meeting it was just open hours! Anywho, the plan was to maintain last week. After the wedding cake and Patron and the food – that was healthy and conscience, but still more! Snacks – a chocolate here, a caramel there! Ice creams scoop at Ben & Jerry’s factory tour. So on – I weighed in blind, not having a warning scale at home and maintain! YAY! Happy Snoopy dance!

Week 4; # 3

Water aerobics in the pool, gentle and easy – still a work out! Contest!

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