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I work full time and I barely have time to breathe. In 2005 hurricane Katrina rearranged my life, since then I have gained roughly 80-90 pounds. I believe that it started in depression and became an addiction. I have started and failed many diets and then decided that MAYBE if I combine diet and exercise with blogging and shopping I might be able to find success. This is the story of 2010 and my struggle to rise above addiction, pain, depression and fat.
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30. Mother. Wife. Artist. Psychic (sensitive.) Writer. Singer. Rain dancer. Lover. Daughter. Sister. Child of God.

The road to MY PERSONAL goal BMI/weight!

Friday, September 28

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Thursday, September 27

Help raise money for Children's Hospital!!!


Hey guys I am running a half marathon in October and it benefits cancer research at Children's Hospital - as a part of the fund raising I am try to raise a minimum of  $250. So I decided to do an art raffle! The works above ARE NOT the art you will receive. You can pick one of those to be painted custom for you! To enter you can go to:
You can donate online or you can print the form and send it along with your payment to:
PO Box 862
Chal, LA 70044
Each entry cost a $10 donation. (If you make a $30 dollar donation you are entered 3 times...)
All entries must be RECEIVED by October 20th, if a donation is received after that it will be fully appreciated, but will not be used to enter the raffle! The winner will be drawn during a live video chat and I will use a randomizer to assign numbers and to draw a winner. For more, or different info, please check out the video below!!

Thursday, September 6


I've been sick lately. As in actually sick, soar throat and cough. This comes off of a week of eating less than stellar due to hurricane Isaac. So I've been really craving simple soups. And making some amazing ones just by doing it!

All of these large and filling soups were so good and less than 200 calories. The real concern is sodium, however I drink a lot of water and workout quite a but so I'm going to go with what my body is craving and see how it works for me!

Thursday, August 9

8/8/12 - Open post.

I don’t even know how longs it’s been.
I know I don’t blog, haven’t blogged, the way I love to in ages. I have not vlogged, because I started to do daily vlogs and then couldn’t… I have made some art, but that needed working on and I know I need to refocus with the new school year…
It just keeps getting too big.

So break it down, I’m thinking:
Hydration: one gallon of water and then crystal light.
Food: oatmeal & bacon breakfast, fish & veggie lunch, burger sans bun & steamed mixed veggies dinner, Arctic Zero grand finale. Should I need a snack, grapes.
Pick-me-ups: coffee – no creamer w/ Splenda.
Workout: arm reps, squats, 30 minutes elliptical, 1 FAST mile & four miles with my Gipper.
Kids: Tests, park, collages.
Home: Dishes/kitchen, work on table, throw (or donate) away at least two boxes, paint (or work on) one picture. GROCERY SHOP!

So, how’s it going?
2:17 PM
Hydration: I’ve drank half a gallon of water. That’s good.
Food: Breakfast went well, but I don’t want a fish & veggie lunch, I WANT PIZZA. A whole pizza.
Pick-me-ups: coffee – no creamer w/ Splenda, yeah – I should have a Redbull instead. Only, that would kill me.
Workout: I just realized I could do my reps now, off to do that…
Kids: Tests – check, park & collages – can’t happen because we are in the middle of an awful storm.
Home: MUST WORK ON THESE THINGS!!! Dishes/kitchen, work on table, throw (or donate) away at least two boxes, paint (or work on) one picture. GROCERY SHOP!

And, in the end?
Hydration: CHECK!!! I drank all my water and didn’t go nuts after. I settled in withe iced Spiced chai Tea and it was so good! I use Splenda, so it’s caloric-ally the same as Crystal Light.
Food: CHECK!!! oatmeal & bacon breakfast, fish & veggie lunch, burger sans bun – changed to shrimp & steamed mixed veggies dinner, Arctic Zero grand finale. Added popcorn! Should I need a snack, grapes.
Pick-me-ups: CHECK!!! coffee – no creamer w/ Splenda.
Workout: arm reps and squats – didn’t happen, 30 minutes elliptical, 1 FAST mile & four miles with my Gipper and I didn’t get together with Gip, but the time at the gym was lovely and I killed the elliptical and my mile.
Kids: Tests are in the works (we got all we could done), park & collages are on hold until we have nice weather..
Home: CHECH!!! on the Dishes/kitchen, work on table, NOT on throw (or donate) away at least two boxes, paint (or work on) one picture. HOLY HELL CHECKGROCERY SHOP! (Wallyworld was a nightmare.)

Done. No perfect, but really close!!! 9.5

Thursday, July 26

See this?

This is where being able to post to two goals at once would be just nifty! I am learning to knit and it is a form of art – MAKE MORE ART, but it is more for my anxiety and it works!

Teegan and Sonya.

Teegan is my little lady scissors. I love her. She helped me weave the other night. We are doing a section a night for five nights so we can make a scarf!


About two months ago I decided to foster a puppy, you know to seeif I was REALLY wanting a dog or if it was just some pipe dream that would go up in smoke as soon as reality took hold. WELL, I fostered JoJo, who I adopted and named, WILEY!!!! He’s not my Christopher. I think the plan is to get a Christopher when Wiley is old, you know to let the puppy bring him happieness! lol
Then a Brandon… ;)

Not quite done.


Painting has been rolling around in my head.



I am so #inspired lately. Starting another canvas. I think it has to do with letting go of trying to perfect the initial vision an just letting #paint hit the canvas.

Monday, June 11

My dinner.


My boo's birthday dinner!


My baby's birthday dinner: #candied #cranberry #salad, #cheese plate, #scallops and #couscous and finally, #duck sliders.

Saturday, June 9



For fucking real. Today I have eaten a FullBar, a handful of peanuts and I've drank six cups of water. I am going to KILL this pizza! Watch me!

Red pout.


My sweet heart was so good about make-up today. She hates wearing it, but for the review she grinned and went along!

Happy baby!




Thursday, June 7

It's no secret.


If you watch a video of mine. If you check my instagram. If you are connected to me on If you read this blog with any sort of regularity. Then you know it's not a secret I want a dog. I want a Goldendoodle with my whole heart. That years away, so I decided to foster this guy. He is melting my heart, my foster son. Melting my heart!

Tuesday, June 5



Hauling ass has its negative and that is that a 5K is no longer a 45 minute workout! It's a solid 25-27 minutes.



Awww, lover!


Monday, June 4

Always changing...


He is my:
War horse
Bat boy
Love bug
Praying mantis



OMG! My wife keeps me stocked. Today she texted me for "my order" how awesome is that!

Sunday, June 3

Work it momma!


This is what I pushed around for over an hour! That is a mommy workout!

Bike ride!


My oldest has shown some interest in working out so we are run\walking two miles twice a week and on my off day (Sunday) I took her for a three mile bike ride!



Just finished this project and then the wife was like, what are you gonna tell the kids that means? Uh, that I like it a lot and only a grown up can use the word?!

A childhood favorite.


I have always loved a tomato sammy - I just started making low cal ones with "miracle mayo" and I am in heaven!

Saturday, June 2

The Game


I love this show. I swear that this show is to me what Friends is to most white people. Love this so much!!!

<3 my Wen.


Used every last bit of this bottle of Wen. My best friend would be proud - added water, then thunked on my hands and head until I had emptied it completely!

Drink up.


I'm having tea to stay warm and the wife I polishing her six pack off.

Need I say more?


Before & after.


Ran two miles, walked a half and rode my bike about a mile. Good day, sun burned! Contest!

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