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I work full time and I barely have time to breathe. In 2005 hurricane Katrina rearranged my life, since then I have gained roughly 80-90 pounds. I believe that it started in depression and became an addiction. I have started and failed many diets and then decided that MAYBE if I combine diet and exercise with blogging and shopping I might be able to find success. This is the story of 2010 and my struggle to rise above addiction, pain, depression and fat.
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The road to MY PERSONAL goal BMI/weight!

Wednesday, May 30



Enough said.

Left overs.


Mom brought over some left over chicken breast and, while I was grateful, they were sad looking. So I hit the kitchen to find something to add and I found it!! Stir-fried asparagus and the mushrooms that we're with the chick. This lunch was so flippin' good!

Tuesday, May 29

Gotta keep up.


Keeping me pretty keeps me happy. Keeping me happy keeps the wife happy. Keeping the wife happy keeps the family happy. That is precious, so I do my nails. Because dying my hair, doing my nails and keeping me looking fun and fresh and pretty makes me happy!

Part-time hippy!


Yes I love a good homemade face mask, I also love my products!!! My bf has been all over me about what I'm doing for my face - water LOTS, exercise LOTS and these products! Top is before, the bottom is after and the only makeup is mascara and lipgloss. Kisses!

Good enough to eat!


Gosh I adore the interweb! Love it! Why? Well, my prettiest, I will tell you why! Because you can learn so much. No, you should not just go on any old thing you read, RESEARCH! If you read something interesting look into it further!!! I was looking up how to soften your skin... I found a banana milk mask - mashed banana with a little milk put over the face and neck and left on for twenty minutes. Then I added corse cane sugar and scrubbed for 90 seconds. Rinse with luke warm water and bam! Baby soft skin!!! Love it!

Monday, May 28

Poor baby.


My poor Izzy is sick. I hate that I can't make her instantly better.

Off to the Dr. office.


This is what I wore to face the world. When I'm dressed like me I feel like super woman!

This land is your land...


When we first moved from two bedroom apartments to a three bedroom house we wanted the kids to be extra excited about having their own space. So the only thing we did before moving in was paint their rooms. My youngest wanted pink walls and pink ceiling, she now lives on the inside of a bubble gum bubble. My oldest wanted lavender walls and clouds, so when I painted them made sure that the cloud above her head was a special 💙 cloud!!!

Sunday, May 27



I've been working on this all fucking day! Finally done and now I have to make dinner - MORE DISHES!!!

You talked me into it...


Want to motivate me to get off my ass on a non-workout day? Well, froyo is THE way to do it!

Spice it up!


So I like to keep things fun for my wife, but lunches are kind of limited with needing to travel and stay fresh. I discovered bento lunches and started to model mine after those. They are basically single portion take-out or homemade meal... I posted one a few days ago. Only what I was posting TODAY about was the fact that to keep things fun and different is actually quite easy. You just have to play with flavors, one easy way is flavored mayo! Happy mouth!

Saturday, May 26

Take time.


I'm sick. Major flare up and the pain is vomit inducing. It didn't hold me back, it won't hold me down. Still, I do need to remember to take care of myself. I need to relax and breath. Tomorrow I have a day of rest scheduled. In going to eat clean and light, rest and sleep a lot. I also have a trip to the grocer planned. Hmmm.

Workout to chill...


Work to play this morning...


Work the fuck out!


Ahhhh, so today I worked hard. Not so much hard, as hard because yesterday I kicked major ass. So today I took myself to the gym to work on my tri, I'm doing a mini in July and thought I should at least look I into it... I killed the bike and suffered through the two mile run. Next time NO 10k before a tri training session.



Hello, summer!


Fruit salad this time a year is summer in a fucking bowl, bitches! I love!

Work days...


I adore the girls I work with, I like the teeny paychecks, but more than anything I adore getting dressed!

Friday, May 25

Keeping it fresh!


Tired of having asparagus get squishy on the head I decided to try something new. I put the ends in a very small amount of water in a bowl inside the fridge. Guess what? It worked! These dudes are a week old and still incredibly fresh!

Thursday, May 24

Read this AND that!


We went to Barnes & Noble and scooped some books up. The kids got to choose some and I chose some for summer reading! I'm thinking this summer we are learning about the Greek myths as a group and then doing some extensive reading together also! Yay!



Taking the kids out and about for "Reward" shopping. The oldest earned $100 for her scores and grades. She has decided to buy her sister something as well! Sweet. It's nice when you realize you really are making good little people!

Packing in the love.


I love sending my wife off with a days worth of food I put together for her American bento style! It's a way to give her love all day long!

Good night.


She was sleepy and I didn't want to be alone, so she crashed on the couch while I watched Toddlers & Tiaras. That's love.



Sometimes the best way to clear my head and lift my heart is to run so hard I can't breathe. I love that our local ball park has opened and is active. I've been able to run in the evenings, and it's been truly beautiful!

Wednesday, May 23

Bath time!


They are growing so quick. I know that the times of not going ballistic when they see a camera during bath time I limited! So these type pics are even more precious! lol

Tuesday, May 22



It's so alien to me that I used to just consume anything, as long as there was a massive amount. When I think of the mindless eating, the disgusting crap... I adore cooking and I legit love food now. I am a foodie. Not in a fat girl addict way, in a thin girl who really loves to discover, taste and create. Savor with all the senses involved and one of those is sight. I so enjoy making my plates pretty!

Take me to the ball game!


I luckily had a convo with my little brother today and found out that my nephew's first real game of the season was today! We booked it from the pool and rushed over there. Yippee! I got his whole first bat and run and score on video! Yay!

Little fishies.


Took the kids to dad's for the first swim of this summer. OMG so cold, but as kids do, they trooped on! Purple lipped smiles!

Monday, May 21

I love playing this game!


Eeek! I love having a plan, makes me feel like I got this shit on lock! lol
Seriously, I adore checking boxes and keeping track... Just so fun. Today, I feel alright. I feel better than most lately, still a little icky. Having a plan helps, I feel like I am gonna conquer this day and that will lead to the week and that will lead to amazing things!!!

Fruit IN eggs?


I mention tossing everything in the pan, today is a perfect example! I had picked up some fresh fruit salsa at the market and is was way too spicy for me to eat straight away. I wasn't sure what I would be doing with it - though now I know I am going to be using it to top som fresh fish tacos later this week - but I also decided to use it in my egg white scramble this morning! So amazing, and different. When people say things like, "I get so bored with diet food." I don't know what they mean. This is not DIET food, this is eating healthy and with small tweaks like what you put in the mix you create a whole new dish. Awesome!

Making the decision.


So. I have fibromyalgia and that sucks. Thing is that it can suck a bit or it can suck a lot, it's up to me. There are times when I down and I have to look at my life realistically and say, "You know self, we should sit this one out. You've been pushing now let's just wade a bit." Nothing is wrong with that. Only if I let that snowball into doing nothing and going nowhere the pain grows as I rust and the yuck of life seeps in... So today I am making the decision to feel better. To get things done and to start pushing again! Yay!
I'm starting it right, with my best friend on my lap! Who's lucky? Me!

Sunday, May 20

Prepping for summer.


I cleaned out my nail polish collection and instead of tossing all my stuff I kept it for a summer project. After my lady cuts that poster to bits I'm going to draw on them and then the kids are gonna paint them nail polish! Fun!!!

Saturday, May 19



So I am starting to get a wee overwhelmed!

So this #smashbook page is a bit more #deviant than most, my apologize if it offends. I like the dark in the light. Feeling so much more relaxed. Smashing jus releases all that pent up stress.

I forgot to attach this a post earlier this morning!

#smashbook-ing, going so well. I always feel the creative gates open when I dig in!

Valley of the Dolls - #netflix - this Saturday is gonna be alright. Maybe I can get some sushi later - then, perfection!

Because why not?

I am so seriously in love with SMASHbooking my world. It's just awesome to have an art/journal/odds and ends collection all in one place!

Sick day.


I don't feel well at all, but if you have to be down you don't have to be out! Making the best of it by curling up on the couch with my fav cardigan and handmade, one of a kind scarf Molly from etsy, keeping me warm while I sip on coffee and water and SMASH book my world apart! I am so lucky to live this life. Even the sick days.

5 miles.

Yesterday I went for a walk with my best friend. I didn't want to, I wanted to lay down. All day, that's it. Only I went for a walk and I was like, "I might only do three, and a wee bit - that's a 5K." she was fine with that, only we usually do four and run a bit in there. So on the final round I was like, "okay, let's do our four." done. She was amazed at our time. We could squeeze in another mile
If I could bring myself to walk it. Okay. Done. :-)
Cramping, tired and wanting to lay down I did another mile. THAT is the beauty of a workout buddy!

Midnight nails.


I got my nails done, but before I let her bedazzle them I told her to practice with crystals on her sister!

Friday, May 18

I love.


I happened across this amazing piece of mouth porn a few years back and just realized that the mini bar is only 70 calories!



I can't believe we are finished with this school year! The kids really pushed and we've been working so hard the last few months. Eff that, we've been working hard this whole year! It's been so fun and I honestly feel so blessed to have this time with my kids. Thank God, and my amazing wife who makes this all possible by being a wonderful support and provider!

Garden scramble for breakfast!


Three egg whites with fresh spinach, tomato, and garlic. I'm at a point now where I just toss things in the pan and get me scrambled eggs on! It mostly turns out great!

Thursday, May 17


I don't feel very good right now. I've eaten too much, which is not that much for me... I am tired and worn down. We are at the end of the school year this week. I have had NO time, and have been running so much. I have also been fighting a flare up of fibro and at this point I think I am a teeny bit ready to lay down and take a smidge of a break. Good Lord, I am exhausted. I also feel bloated, So uncomfortable in my skin.
Okay, complaints registered. Out of my system - I am done.

Asparagus - your friend.


Seriously. There are so many ways to cook and consume this little plant you can't find a good reason not to. Vitamins and antioxidants are great, but so is the flavor. Take fresh asparagus and roast with a bit of sea salt or cut it into inch long pieces and lightly stir-fry it in a touch of olive oil. (Cooked that way it makes a great addition to salads, pasta salads or any dish you can think up!



That's right. I'm having a handful (200 calories) of mixed nuts. Lately my weight has bounced low, 140, to high, 150 and I have strives to keep calm and continue. I am also resolved to feed my body and listen to her as she ask for what she wants. Lately more proteins and fats have been what this body is demanding. I think it's the hella increase in running. Love!

Dear beast,


Get off the stove. Alrighty then, thank you.

Blargh!!! What I was saying was - new, great iPhone 4S BUT now my instagram will not posterous. Argh!!!

New, amazing, iPhone 4S in white, but new problem! The version of instagram that downloaded doesn't have the option to share with posterous. Boo!

Another test :-)


Hoping to still update blog quick and easy.

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