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I work full time and I barely have time to breathe. In 2005 hurricane Katrina rearranged my life, since then I have gained roughly 80-90 pounds. I believe that it started in depression and became an addiction. I have started and failed many diets and then decided that MAYBE if I combine diet and exercise with blogging and shopping I might be able to find success. This is the story of 2010 and my struggle to rise above addiction, pain, depression and fat.
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The road to MY PERSONAL goal BMI/weight!

Friday, April 29

Wednesday, April 27

I'm married.

How lucky am I? I married my best friend. My heart and soul.


Tuesday, April 26

Week 4; # 2

I ran on the treadmill today at the hotel! It almost killed me! Yikes!

Sunday, April 24

22 May 2011

I am not sure if I can, but I am going to try to run the entire thing. WW is having the WalkIt Challenge and it is being held on 22 May 2011 – which happens to be the VERY DAY last year that I went to my first meeting! I would love to run the entire thing!

How to walk/run a 5k

On November 23, 2010 I turned 30 and went to the gym for the
first time in my life. I also JOGGED for the first time. I had been working out
at home and I had no idea I had conditioned myself to the point where I could jog!
At that point I fell in love with running and I joined the gym so I could run
three times a week, about a week later I decided I wanted to walk/run a 5K in
the next year. Well, I live in New Orleans and in January someone was talking
about the Crescent City Classic, a 10K road race that takes place in April. I
was game! In February I got a friend to agree to do it with me and we trained
at the gym (her in a city about two hours away) and kept each other up dated.

As the day came I researched hydration and eating and went
it as well prepared as I could have been! It was one of the most awesome things
I have ever done! I finished in one hour and twenty-six minutes. My original
goal was two hours; my updated goal had been an hour and a half. Both were
blown away! I have a 5K in May and I plan on doing MANY more!

It took me 5 months.

It made me amazed!

Friday, April 22

Weekly Meeting (Wk 49)

WEEK 49!!!! Holy cow!
I weighed in on Thursday eveing this week, so I expected to gain and hoped for a maintain. I got a loss! A LOSS! I lost 0.8!!! To bring my total to 98.5!!! Thank You, thank You, thank You, God!

Thursday, April 21

Deep, deep breath.

I am so happy, and so sad. I wish that my partner and I could have a wedding here where we live. I wish we could be surrounded by family and friends, instead we will be 1,800 miles away. :(
Other than that I am thrilled. I have the kids mostly packed, my clothes sorted, my books lined up (yes, to a nerd like me that is very important!) I am currently reading The Hunger Games, then I have Bloodsucking Fiends, Blue, Bunny Tales, The Lo-Down – and a book I have been waiting to let my mind relax and devour – Sugar & Spice: An LA Candy Novel!
I have our plans hammered out with the exception on a gift card just given to us! (OMG I have to find that!) I have everything set for the wedding, but need to work on finding a back up plan in case the weather is ugly! Yikes!
I still need to figure out exactly what the air travel and liquid guide lines are, and now my youngest has caught herself a cold! Eep!

Tuesday, April 19

Week 3; # 2

I killed the stationary bike today – not in a broke it, in a KICKED ASS!!! OMG that was an amazing half an hour, so amazing I jumped off the bike and I Zumba-ed HARD CORE for another half an hour. I feel so good I think I am going to Zumba tomorrow! Yay!

Week 3, # 1

Stationary bike.
When all else fails and I feel lost or unable going back to the basics really wakes me up. It is amazing that a little less than a year ago I was dying just to struggle through 30 minutes of the easy workout. Now I bust my ass with light weights and making the hardest harder AND still finishing the workout early only to push on and add more to the end!
Thank You, God.

Monday, April 18

Week 2; #s 2 & 3

This week was hard. I am dealing with my stomach injury and it has me kind of stuck in this strange limbo. Most of the time I feel fine and like sitting on my arse is a waste and I am being lazy, but then I tweak my stomach and BOOM! I am just so aggitated! I want to be whole so I can kick ass! Yep, yep!
I extened my week to allow for my three work outs. On Thursday and Sunday I Zumba-ed on my own, while out crabbing and while at the grocer. On Saturday I got a tiny-baby-micro run in and lifted weights with a friend!
This week (Week 3) I hope to accomplish more in the means of running! I might catch in Zumba class and we will see what else!

Saturday, April 16

Weekly Meeting (Wk 48)

The next few weeks are going to be bumpy, I have the 10K on next Saturday so I will be weighing in Thursday evening and then we will out of town the following Saturday so I will have to find a meeting during the week! Eek!


It’s just creeping away! I feel so strange and so surreal! Three more weeks maybe?

Friday, April 15

Thursday, April 14

Sh*t I didn't eat today:

This cake is amazing. You can't really tell but this cake was beautiful only ten minutes before. It's from whole foods and it is a strawberry and cream deal. Vanilla cake filled with berries and fresh whipped cream and topped with this amazing frosting and berries and almond bits. Anywho, it's my favorite kind of cake (this is actually what our wedding cake will be) and they had it at work today. I don't know how I did it, but that last piece was mine and I snapped a picture and left her behind.

Today's Gourmet ~ Asain Shrimp Salad

First let's talk about the basic: iceberg lettuce 30 calories, 22 medium shrimp 45 calories, clementine 35 calories, one table spoon Asian sesame dressing (full fat NOT light) 45, touch of garlic salt 0 calories.
So there are the stats. Only what really matters is it was an amazing, delicious salad that would easily rival any resteraunt salad at only 155 calories! It was so good and flavorful. I was like, I really want a salad - how can I make that fun? And I whipped this up! This is why o love cooking and I do so well when I can be home! I adore cooking and this salad was SO filling! I could eat this twice a day and not NEED to eat anything else. Notice I said need, chances are I would eat something. lol
Once things settle I am getting back into the swing if cooking most meals! I really am happiest with food when I spend 200 or less calories per meal and the can snack lightly as needed to achieve my 1200 daily calories.

Tuesday, April 12

Week 2; # 1

Wow – from killing it to sucking it! My tummy is busted – thank you Zumba! So I was determined to find a way to work out and I went to water aerobics. That allowed me to kick ass, but without the drastic pull every time I landed! Yay! Water aerobics are four nights a week and 40 dollars per month so I plan on seeing my doctor and if I can not get a for sure go ahead to run and Zumba I am going to do the water aerobics for a month – like physical therapy – and then go back to the gym and run! Yay!

Monday, April 11

Saturday, April 9


One pound closer. Eeek!

Thursday, April 7

Week 1; # 5

Bike riding with M. It was beautiful! The bike trail was open for the first time at night and I love riding by the water!

Wednesday, April 6

Week 1; # 4

Kind of sucked today. Oh, well. They can’t all be Charlie Sheens (winners.) lol!

Sh*t I didn't eat.

I love pizza. I could kill a pizza in my old life. I used to order one when I worked alone. I would pretend to ask people if they wanted mushrooms and then finish ordering as if it were for multiple people. Then I would eat the entire 20" pizza! As if a 20" pizza is not bad enough it was ALWAYS Alfredo sauce. I know it is sick and twisted but a teeny part of me wants that. Eww!
Anywho, the whole office ate this and I stuck to a particularly yummy Healthy Choice. (Check out my YouTube channel this evening for all of today's food!)

Tuesday, April 5

Week 1; # 3

Finally drug myself over to the gym. FINALLY. I love the gym ‘cause that means I go for a run and I ran for over a mile and a half at a nice easy pace and then about a mile at a kick ass, can’t stop, watch me now pace! Quit after a little over half an hour and headed home feeling MUCH better. :)

Sunday, April 3

Saturday, April 2

April Challenge: Wk 1, # 1

I love the chick who taught it, Terry Terry – she is so fun. She only subs, so OH WELL!

Weekly Meeting (Wk 46)

Down 3.2! Woot, woot! Total loss: 94.9

As this comes closer...

I am overwhelmed and awed.
I never imagined, well I did – but it was all imagination. I fantasized and dreamed. I am happy – thrilled. I am shocked and amazed.
I am scared.
It seems like such a long road, so far from where I was. Only I am aware that it is so much closer than anyone who has not done this could ever understand. Those habits do not quit. They do not go quietly into the night. You claw your way out from under this literally enormous weight and you fight and earn EACH and EVERY ounce. Then suddenly you get to solid ground, to that dry, warm place you have been waiting for and you find out that the land is not solid, it is ever shifting sand and you will have to find a way to balance and live life at the same time.
It is scary to be so overwhelmingly vulnerable, and more than that it is scary to so directly control your own destiny.

In 5.1 pounds I will have accomplished something so incredible I almost cannot comprehend it.

Friday, April 1

Took Pia for a ride.

If you guys didn’t remember – Pia is my bike. I took her out with a friend for an hour last night. Awesome. Contest!