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I work full time and I barely have time to breathe. In 2005 hurricane Katrina rearranged my life, since then I have gained roughly 80-90 pounds. I believe that it started in depression and became an addiction. I have started and failed many diets and then decided that MAYBE if I combine diet and exercise with blogging and shopping I might be able to find success. This is the story of 2010 and my struggle to rise above addiction, pain, depression and fat.
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The road to MY PERSONAL goal BMI/weight!

Monday, February 28

Thai-Style Chicken & Vegies!

Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers Asian Inspired Thai-Style Chicken & Vegetables.
As of right now it is not on, so I can't tell you the grade it would get. I did fill out all the effin' info so it should be there soon! Yay! Here is the info on it:
Calories 240
Total Fat 3.5g
Saturated Fat 1g
Polyunsaturated Fat 1g
Monounsaturated Fat 1.5g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 35mg
Sodium 540mg
Potassium 390mg
Total Carbohydrate 34g
Dietary Fiber 5g
Sugars 10g
Protein 18g
Vitamin A 30% Vitamin C 10% Calcium 4% Iron 6%

Indiviual componets:
Vegies - good, not over cooked and not mushy.
Noodles - perfectly done.
Sauce - sweet with a slightly strange tang, nice - strange - but, this could be the Thai style they speak of, as I don't eat much Thai!

Overall meal:
All of the meal seemed perfectly done, no overly harded, dry bits and no still cold or undercooked bits. The sauce has a teeny orange zest type flavor and leave my mouth ever so slightly sting, like a heavily peppered dish might. (No pepper taste, and not in a bad way.) I liked it all and would eat it again, however seeing that I am not a big sauce person I would probably not use the entire amount of sauce. (I love that with these meals that it an option!)

Frozen lunch for one, please! (The Great Frozen Food Experiment)

So, my beautiful love is working out of the office for the next few months which leaves me to my own as far as lunch goes. While I know they are not the best for me I decided to dedicate my lunch time to exploring the newer fare that is now offered in the "healthy frozen meals" section of my local grocer! When I first did Weight Watchers I was all about the SmartOnes - but they suck, to be honest. Not all of them, but most. Now, I cook and I love to cook, but for lunch sometime it is nice to have a meal and not just a sandwich. I figured since it is just me I might as well have some fun and experiment. There are all these steamed meals now that are supposed to taste fresher and cook up nicer. Well, we shall see!

*To qualify for this a meal must be complete in and of itself. The meal must be stored frozen, warmed in the microwave, and served all from the same (provided) container. To make it a wee bit more fun it also must fit in my work mini fridge freezer compartment!

Weekly Meeting (Wk 41)

2 pounds lost. Total – 82.7!!!

Chippin' away!

Another 2 pounds lost. If you go to my blog @ you will see a little count down ticker (I made mine look like a football field) and it says I have 17.4 pounds to go. 17.4! Holy cripes! That is a drop! I just keep chipping away at it! Hard to believe this is happening.

Sunday, February 27

March Challenge: Week 1, # 1 & 2

1. Saturday, Zumba! OUTSIDE. Yep, we shook our rumps in the parking lot because teacher forgot her key. It was only after the hour was almost up that we spotted the “Property under surveillance!” signs!
2. Brisk, hard and fun walk up the treadmill today!

Thursday, February 24

Well, that is just great!

Of the picture above looks familiar it should. It is a picture of shingles, which I have! Yay! (On a rather humorous side note, shingles are normally painful and since three days ago I have been roughly 95-98% pain free for the first time in years.)

WTF? Blisters?

Five days ago I noticed a small light red dash on my hand. Four days ago the original dash was darker and felt like a burn while another light pink one appeared. Three days ago both lines looked like an old burn. Two days ago they started to blister. Yesterday I got one on my arm. Today I am at the doctors.

Yesterday was a 9, today an 8!

Went to my first basket ball game with Lizzy and PawPaw, so fun. Those things are like a circus!
Today I have a doctors appointment for my hand – I will update ASAP!

Tuesday, February 22

February Challenge: Week 4, # 3

Well, as much as I hate taking time off it was the right thing to do yesterday. hat was proven when I went to run today. Awesome run! I felt great and got a great burn!

Today is a - I don't even know.

Hmmm. Maybe I will get back to y’all on this one!

It is everywhere.

Everywhere. I was at the hospital waiting for my blood work. I took a little stroll, just looking around and I found this machine. All I could think is there is not one healthy option. What would healthy even be in a vending machine? Do they have any anywhere? I guess I will go online and look it up. Just seems that in a HOSPITAL of all places healthy would be at least a thought.

Monday, February 21

February Challenge: Week 4, #s 1 & 2

Saturday – ZUMBAthon! Three hours! Actually it was 25 minutes on and 5 minutes while instructors changed out. During that time I just freestyle danced because I wanted a continuous workout. It was awesome and I felt so good! I was one of a few who didn’t stop. I did not quit or change instructors or anything! I wish I could so it every weekend, only I missed my time with family!
Sunday – Went for a run on Sunday and it was fab! High off the three hour Zumba I was like, “Balls to the wall!” Bam! I ran 25 continuous minutes! I could have kept going but I wanted to get home!

Today is an 8.

My beautiful Lizzy is not feeling well and still I had to send her off to school. :( Also, I want to go running again and boo, I have to rake the day off to recoup! Oh well, better run tomorrow!

Saturday is was a 9.5 and Sunday was one, too!

Zumba was awesome! Awesome and I left feeling alive and tired and so proud of me! If kids were home. It would have been a 10.
Sunday I picked up babies and we caught a parade on the way home. They didn’t throw much and it was a bit sunny as in SUNNY! Still we has a great day and if the kids were home with me today I would have had another 10!

Friday, February 18

Today is an 8.

I am giddy excited about the ZUMBAthon! To make it even better, and explain the 8, my baby doesn’t leave for vacation until the week AFTER next. So we still have lots of time to cuddle and love before she leaves!

New feature item: Sh*t I didn't eat!

So, I really wish I would have started this when the holidays were I'm full swing. Seeing that I am in the south I know that Mardi Gras will bring more opportunities for this!
I have decided to start taking pictures and documenting the foods I pass on. The monsters under my bed, if you will. Today I give you Mexican food from a local restaurant that is really great! This is a shredded chicken taco salad. I love taco salads. Maybe one day it will be on my menu, but I no longer let a passing coworker's offer to pick me up something change my meal plan. :) That is a good thing, even though is feels a little sad sometimes!

The breakfast of champions?

Maybe not. Still a good start. I try to get at least three 8 oz. of water in before I hit up my waffles and I try to take in another 8 oz. glass while eating. I don't use syrup because that makes it too much like a snack and starting my day with sugar, much less sugary carbs, turns the day into a full on cravings and insanity circus.
A few weeks ago my love was trying to get me into teas and I was not having it! (Hey, I have to come to things on my own. ) So yesterday she gave me a Celestial ?Gardens? Peppermint Tea and it was amazing. Amazing. Since then I have been trying a few and I fell in LOVE with Blueberry tea! Oh, so good! Also, such amazing teas feel like a snack! Yum!

Thursday, February 17

This I love.

Plain baseball type hat (one blue, one pink.) - $5
Clearance craft packs (one blue, one pink.) - $3
Hot glue. - $2.50
The right to wear a crazy hat/sock combo on Thursday. - $2

Pictures like these. - Priceless!

Today is a 6.

The kids go off to my mother’s this weekend and I hate that. I miss them so much and feel so self indulgent when they are gone. The I feel guilty and upset with me. Not to mention my oldest is leaving next Thursday to hit vacation with my parents for a week and that makes me fell extra bad about going off to the ZUMBAthon this weekend. I should just stay curled up with her everyday. :(

Wednesday, February 16

Today was an 7.

I hate the part of being a parent where you have to be a BIG STINKINMEANIE! I just want to have fun and be happy. I hate tears put there by mom, and silent treatments from eight year olds that don’t even realize that you are not supposed to talk during a real silent treatment, not just announce that that is what is going on and then a change of subject. *Sigh. So is life I guess. I am so lucky that it doesn’t happen often!

ZUMBA Fitness Wii Game Review!!!

Tuesday, February 15

February Challenge: Week 3, # 3

Well, let me tell you what the last eight months taught me. Ready? Having a flare up is kind of like being preggers when it comes to exercise. It seems okay to continue to doing what I am used to, but it is NOT the time to push or try to add to my current routine. So today I went to the gym knowing that a run was questionable, a jog was more what I had my mind set on. Bam! All the treadmills are taken, WHY? So I schlepped over to the elliptical, which now that I have done it I plan on hitting it a bit more often, I mounted and started to go of it. Within five minutes I was sweating and my legs were SCREAMING. Of course that is when some dude jumped off the treadmill and I scrambled to get over there, but by that time the hope of jogging had been burned away by the elliptical monster.
I must say, I have changed – instead of pissing off and going home I set it at 3.8 mph (that makes my short little stumps practically run) and I hit that b*tch with a passion!

Sharing this former fat girl's secrets one at a time!

Making simple food fun is something I have really been into lately. Enjoying how healthy foods can be both delicious and campy. The earliest firm of this for me was Cracker Crusted Tilapia. It humored me to give such an easy dish a flamboyant name. Yeah, it was cracker crusted with Ritz and the Garlic Herb Whipped potatoes I served with it were instant mashed with butter, cream and garlic powder. :)
Anyway, I have always loved cooking And preparing and I don't want to give that up. In fact I find it more important now, to make a meal that is entertaining and satisfying as a complete experience and not just a scarf-fest. When the meal is quick and simple another way to add flare is with fun picks and design. I will talk more about Bento style meals in the coming months, but for now - some fun:

Today is a 9.

I am heading to the gym tonight and hoping to get a good, fast paced, jog in. I would like to see 5 mph for at least 20 minutes. Anything beyond that is just bonus!
I miss my little Lizzy and can’t wait to hang with her tonight. Also, what always make for a good day – a REALLY bad dream. Last night I had an awful dream, the kind that is SO real. When I woke up and realized it was all a dream I was so relieved! I is just awesome to be alive today!

Zumba! The Wii game.

I just got this Saturday. See when I got my new car I had "cleaned" out my old one and what was trash got tossed and what was actually needed went on the couch waiting to get sorted! Well, I finally went through all that and I found a bunch of cat flea crap that I had bought at WallyWorld. When I bought it it was all half price and then I decided not to use it and meant to return it. Six months later I finally did and when I went to return it I tried telling her that I did't have my receipt and that I paid half price. She told me because I didn't have a receipt I could only return for what the product cost now. Now they are full price so I got back forty some-odd dollars. Money to burn. Fun. I had just tucked it away as I walked through the videos and I was like, "Wait! What about the Zumba game?" There you go! I will review it as soon as I actually use it! Yay!
Update: as I tweeted a second ago - the Zumba video game review will be up on YouTube tonight!

Monday, February 14

Today's Gourmet

Reason # 4,567,789,043,411

I love her because she loves me and all my dumb tendencies to indulge my inner child. Case in point: my V-day gift! I have BEEN wanting these dolls. This is my favorite!

Today is a 9!

Thank You, Lord!
I ran yesterday, and it never fails to amaze me what a difference that makes in my mood. Yay! Valentines day – and my baby gave me a bunch of cards she had made for me, and the GF gave me a doll I have been wanting! Yay! All in all, a good Monday. I am toying with the idea of hitting up a Zumba class, but I don’t know if that is in the stars!

Happy Valentines Day!

A special heart shaped mini meatloaf with fresh baby spinach and mushroom red sauce over spaghetti squash. I have been so crazy lately I has not taken pictures the whole way through. I am trying to go back to pictures of the things I eat, but it hasn't been easy. I feel so rush RUSH! So here was my fun and easy heart holiday dinner!

Sunday, February 13

Today's Gourmet (Saturday)

February Challenge: Week 3, # 2

OMG! I feel amazing! I am happy and I am good to go! I got to run – RUN – today. My leg is all healed up and I was able to just let loose and GO! Today’s song was “Roll With It” by Ani Difranco and it was awesome to just get lost while running. I managed to do 25 minutes of running – straight. So I ran 2.05 miles! Yep! YAY!

February Challenge: Week 3, # 1

Saturday – I hit the gym (not my normal one) and circuit trained with a personal trainer as a part of a promo with my local Weight Watchers! Then, straight from there I hit Zumba with Kim, killed it. :)

Yesterday was an 8. today is an 8.

Whew, I feel so exhausted. I didn’t even realize that I had not blogged or anything all day yesterday! I am soooo worn out. I am taking a friend’s advice, I am going to let myself pitch a fit on and off this weekend and when Monday comes I am a brand new me!

Weekly Meeting (Wk 39)

Up .4 – it’s all good, though. The reality is that I ate proper, I worked out like a beast and I have lost over 10 pounds in the last four weeks.

Friday, February 11

Today is a 7.

Blame it on the prolonged cold, or the mild foot injury – I DON’T KNOW WHAT – but, I am in a gray funk of eww and yuck. I am hungry, or, at least, I want to eat A LOT more than normal and I am not sleeping well. That means that all day I am tired and then whenI can finally sleep I can’t get to sleep! Grrr.
I know that the sleep is the bigger issue. I have not been myself due to it, and I know that it comes with the Fibro. I am just ready to leave it behind.

What's in your? Pantry Edition.

So I took the littles with my to the grocery and when we passed down the soup isle the Progresso soup was on sale for 99 cents. I use these soups as toppings and in other dishes, not to mention they taste great and are so filling, so I picked up a few. I guess I completely forgot that they were on sale the last few time I hit up the store. When we got home and they were put away my eight year old walked up behind me and made a comment along the lines of us getting ready for a hurricane. I laughed and told her no, we weren't but it sure did look that way!

Thursday, February 10

February Challenge: Week 2, # 5

I know, right! So fun. I bought a six pack of classes and I got new Zumba shoes. They are so cute and comfy!

Yesterday was an 8, today - the same!

A whole lot of the same. I think I am almost TOO tired. I need a nap.

Wednesday, February 9

Sharing this former fat girl's secrets one at a time!

Working out - extra points and rewards. (Please remember that when I write things like this post it is based simply on me. My life, the way I do things. NOT meant to change you or serve as medical advice. Simply to inspire thought and help you think outside your box, as so many of you have done for me.)
When I started this journey, um, eight months ago I could not move myself. I have medical reason that I am in pain, but my lack of movement went beyond them. I am in pain now, still now I am a runner and I Zumba - my medical "problems" have not changed, I have. It didn't happen over night and it was not easy, or how about it was not as easy as sitting on the couch. Only, it really wasn't that much harder. I wanted something I could do, in the house, without hurting too bad, regardless of the weather. I wanted as easy as it got. I found this stationary bike. Then I set a goal of 30 minutes a day three times a week. Not much, I know, but a world more than I was doing! At first I did it watching My Name Is Earl on Netflix, then - as I started using the higher settings and really working out - I used my computer to watch music videos and sing! 30 minutes was a lifetime in the beginning, then it started to slip by as I worked out more. I used the site to track my work outs and before I knew it a month had gone by. (I still use to track each month's workout challenge.) On November 23 last year I turned 30, I also turned into a runner. My GF and I walked into a gym and tried the treadmills. I was in love. Through all of this I would rush home or to my book to figure out how many points I had just earned and have myself a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich, only here is where I differed from most of my Weight Watcher contemporaries. When I ate my ice cream sandwich, which was mainly on days when I worked out (though there were a few emergency days) I took the points from my daily points, I have NEVER used work out points to eat. I merely allowed myself to indulge because I had done something. They say you can and should eat those points, but for me it made no sense. I was working so hard, they were so lovely. On more than one occasion I had people fuss at me, but I was losing and having my ice cream. Why would I change that? I have had friends say that their leader told them to eat those points, or that they don't lose when they don't have extra after a workout. Well, this journey is a personal one and you must figure out what works for you. I do not use workout calories or points - I never have and with the exception of my upcoming wedding vacation or something BIG like that I can not imagine myself doing so.

Tuesday, February 8

February Challenge: Week 2, # 4

Gym today. Another day when I just couldn’t get going. I probably would have been better off taking today off like planned. As is I pushed a little too hard and BANG – my leg is messed up.

Today is a 7.

I am down. Not out, but very down.
My legs are hurting – bad. I have a feeling I need to take a break. Rest up. I don’t want to, I want to pull a Forest Gump and RUN! :( I think I might have a real injury as well as a Fibro flare up. Yuck. The doctor wrote me two new scripts - one for the stiffness in the muscles and one for the arthritis. This is the thing the arthritis one is WAY too much to be a part of our monthly budget - even if it works. I almost don't want to take it. What if it works and then I have to live knowing life could be better, but we can't afford it. No, thanks anyway. :) Even if I gave up my gym and WW it would still be a stretch. (Yeah, and I have insurance - they just don't feel the need to cover all medication.)

What's in your? Pocket Edition.

You know what I mean, pocket - purse... gym bag. What portable yum do you throw in your go so that you know you have a snack to help get through that long day of zoo or errands? I have been packing my purse or pockets full of these FiberPlus bars! At only 120 calories they kill chocolate craving, cookie cravings an make a great "mini meal" if you are in need of one. I must admit that on more than one occasion they (along with a great big bottle of water) have filled in for lunch while I am rolling around town in my little blue Pixie Del Q'bert with the kids! With 9 grams of fiber it is no surprise they can really hold their own in the world of fast foods or snacks that leave you starving!

Monday, February 7

February Challenge: Week 2, # 3

I went to run at the gym and wound up doing very little running, my body just needed a break and when I tried to push through I had trouble with my music player. I am nothing without my music – it is they way I get through. i have had a few good work outs without music, but if my body is already giving out it just doesn’t work! Still managed to burn off around 225 calories in a half hour. I was planning to workout everyday but Friday, however with the state of pain I am in I am probably taking tomorrow off completely, from work and exercise. I have an emergency doctor appointment, not that I hold too much hope that going will solve anything.

Today was an 8.

Rough day, rough work out. I am tired and my legs are hurting something awful! As always, I missed the kids and can’t wait until we start homeschooling.

By suggestion: The fur babies!

Kenny was a rescue cat that we adopted as a very young kitten for my daughter when she was two an a half, roughly six months before hurricane Katrina hit. His personality was a little wrecked by the stress of the storm and all the moving around. When we moved into the house he took about a month to feel secure and start coming out of his shell. Once Darius moved in he started playing and living the kitten-hood he missed.

Darius moved in after I has already paid for Lir. She just showed up and moved in. For a while she was our only indoor/outdoor cat. After a fight that left some other cat very bloodied and Dari with an infection we moved her indoors full time.

My baby boy. I lived and breathed Siamese cats for years. I knew I wanted my first to be male and blue point. After finding the most amazing breeder I knew I would get one. Two years later Lir was born and three months later he came home. He is a Romeo!

Less than a year later my amazing fiancé bought me Molly. Molly is a seal point. She is my love.

We used to have two dogs. Eli and Olive. My heart hurts if I go into detail, but due to allergies that Lizzy (my oldest) and Lir had we had to adopt them out. They went to live with friends who kept them both, always evacuate with pets and we trust to give them back if anything were to happen. Lizzy could breathe better (as could Lir) but she was heart broken. So went back to the lady we got Molly from and adopted Ruby, her chocolate point sister.

Today's Gourmet - Super Bowl PIZZA

That's right, my little lovelies, pizza! I have eaten pizza THREE times since starting my weight loss journey at the end of May that fateful Saturday. (Once from Papa John's, I got SO sick after that! Once a piece I made for the kids and then tonight. This, of course, does not count pizza alternative made on FlatOut or Bagel Thins.
I wanted to do a build it step by step, and I started taking the pictures - only the super bowl was on and I got a bit distracted! Sorry. Thing is you peeps are smart enough to put a pizza together so let's just have a look-see at the ingredients!

LOVE nonstick cooking spray, it really is a step you must remember so that your pizza comes away nicely and you can cook the next pizza without a flippin' scrub-a-thon.Okay, glad I got a pic of this step, because it reminds me to say a few things that make building this pizza different than just making a pizza. I use the pre-made pizza crust - thin crust, because it is lower in calories. I don't like thin crust so I ignore the instructions when it says to pre-bake the crust, and I just go ahead and roll it out thick, poke a bunch of holes with a fork and cook after I dress it up! For sauce, I use the light Alfredo and to avoid using WAY TOO MUCH I mix a half a cup with the pretty much (but not all the way) drained spinach and then spread it.I added my primary cheese layer (2/3 cup) and then topped with mushrooms and finished with another 1/3 cup of cheese. Baked at the stated temperature for 10-12 minutes, or until tasty golden! A piece of fast food pizza is 5 points or more, this pizza figure to 4 points (roughly 173 calories) but I like making my pizzas better than ordering for a couple of reasons. 1) It isn't so greasy that it needs to be wiped down. 2) I control the quality of the ingredients, which means it taste awesome! 3) I can count the points and/or calories myself and not hope that the estimate they give is accurate!So, so good!

Sunday, February 6

February Challenge: Week 2, # 2

Went to the gym and had a love affair with my FAVORITE treadmill. In total: 20 minutes of running at 5.2 mph, 15 minutes of jogging at 4.5 an hour, and 25 minutes of walking at 3.8 mph! All at a 1% incline.

Today is a 9.

Not a bad day, but you guys know how I feel about the end of a weekend! Poo.

Saturday, February 5

February Challenge: Week 2, # 1

Love, LOVE, ♥! Zumba is freaking awesome and I am so excited to have it as a part of my new workout and I am so excited that I get a package of workouts for my 75 pound reward – WHICH I GET!!!!

Weekly Meeting (Wk 38)

Thank you, God! Thank You!

Yesterday was an 8, today a 10!

Well, I was in a true case of the Blah and then BAM I weighed in 4.2 pounds less. I slammed through 75 pounds to 76.9 pounds lost! Great day! I am happy and full of excitement!

Friday, February 4

75 pound reward!

I have not earned it yet, as I am right up against it I thought I should start really figuring it out! I have come up with something that I feel is perfect for me. It's a package type reward! (I probably will not be able to afford it all at once, and will build it through the month.) Ready, oh what fun!
  • Zumba classes, at the local dance school where they are costly - but awesome! (These are for Saturday!)
  • Zumba classes, at the local studio where they are cheaper and happened daily. (These are for Thursday evenings!)
  • Heart rate monitor watch! (I just need to find a good, non-pricey one.)
  • Cross trainers, for Zumba and all day!

See, it seems like a BIG deal and in reality it will cost a penny, but 75 pounds - I deserve it! On a side note (a true side note, as it is still on topic and doesn't really go back in time) I can NOT believe that yours truly is trading a pretty big reward (and what could be a nice shopping trip) in for more exercise! My how times (and myself) have changed!

Today's Gourmet - Bun-less Burgers!

Bun-less turkey burger anyone? Why, I don't mind if I do - TWICE. That's right, twice! I told you once before (or maybe a lot of times before) that I am a volume eater. I like a nice big dinner and having one keeps me out of the kitchen all night, so any chance I get to increase volume without blowing points or calories I am at it!
First - our ingredients: (These are all things that can be swapped and or left off!) I am on a spicy mustard kick, I started putting it on my Subway sandwiches and just picked some up the last time I hit the grocery. Banana peppers, another Subway staple that has made its way to my home cooking! Those large floppy lettuce leaves I saved from yesterday and a serving of ground extra lean turkey meat. Side dish will be baked mushrooms and the garlic and onions are for that. (I love, love, love pre-chopped onions! Such an easy, time saver!)I toss the mushrooms into a small baking dish that is lined with foil to make clean up easy peasy! I salt, pepper and then sprinkle with onions and garlic. Cover with more foil and stick them in a preheated oven at 415 degrees, those need to stay at least thirty minutes. You might notice that I do these often, but when I am making them with brown rice or whole wheat pasta I cook them longer to produce more juice for the dish!Usually I only eat one of these, tonight I am eating two. For one reason I need the protein and for another I am starving after my latest Zumba romp!Lay out two really large, bend-y leaves to start the wraps and get the burgers into a good starting position. Now, these are REALLY flat patties, remember I mentioned that the extra lean meat doesn't shrink, it doesn't get all puffy either, stays nice and thin.Add toppings of your choice, here I put spicy mustard to taste and my peppers.After selecting more good leaves I finish up the wrap and dress the other burger.Add the mushrooms and we have a lovely little dinner, low on calories and big on filling foods.
My friend Nari says that her family uses the large lettuce leaves as a stand in for taco shells - I think that is an awesome idea I will be using soon!

Thursday, February 3

February Challenge: Week 1, # 5

Five workouts this week! Feels great, and awful at the same time. My body is aching! Zumba kills and I can not wait till the weekend class, that chick shreds!

Today was an 8.

I am cold. Like I miss my blubber cold. :/ No, really. We down here in the south are not used to what is going on! Lucky me that I workout indoors or my whole routine would be trashed!

Today's Gourmet - Tacos!

So in 2009 tacos became the football day favorite! When I started eating better I loved how easy it was to convert tacos to a lower point/calorie dish! Everything is versatile in the recipe and you can easily swap things out for lower points or leave them off completely. Let’s start with what we are going to use. I already mentioned that I like the extra lean ground turkey meat and it works great for this dish.By far the best taco seasoning that I have found is Taco Bell Home Originals – BY FAR, I don’t really care for the Chipotle flavor mix, but it is all I had.
Tostitos salsa, mild, and the multigrain chips are really good, but be aware that the multigrain chips are 150 calories for EIGHT chips! Eight! That is why these are strictly for an extra bit of flare and I only use two! I find that plain fat free Greek yogurt is a great substitute for sour cream. (I also use it for a multitude of other things that I have mentioned here and I will certainly go into that again, now that we are cooking together!)

I buy the Iceberg lettuce heads and use green bags to keep it fresh for, like, forever! Now here is a little hint from me to you. This is the time to use the older lettuce that may be just slightly bitter or less than stellar. All the flavors of the taco toppings will more than make up for less than perfect lettuce! Another tip – when I am using a brand new head I always save the outer layers, those really lush, floppy, full leaves to use for wraps and burgers. (Tomorrow I will show you what I mean!) In the picture you can see that I have some older lettuce chopped, then the large leaves off to the side on top of a green bag.Now, lets put it all together! Lettuce: I am a volume eater when it comes to dinner. Now, I don't OVER eat, but I like a good filling meal. This is the place where you should go crazy - this is where the really filling food comes in because you can use as much as you like. I used 2 1/2 cups, a lot - not too much.Next up, seasoned meat. This is half of the packages serving size, still PLENTY enough.I use the yogurt, and I use about three table spoons. This is a great way to help the flavors spread over the whole salad.Salsa, another great "water-y" addition that makes it easy to coat the whole salad.On GoB's salad I put the cheese first, on mine I put it next to last, beacsue I like it almost best! A serving of this cheese is 1/3 of a cup - I used half of that.Finally, two multigrain chips crushed over the whole thing for a bit of crunch and flavor! (You know, to really bring home the TACO-ness of the salad.)Then set up with a tea and blog the whole thing!Okay, you don't have to blog it. You should though and then send me a link! That's fun! On a serious note: I hope you can see how easy this is to customize and feed everyone. I usually warm a few wraps so the kids can build their own soft tacos, bake a few shells if other people are coming over and make the whole salad a bit spicier for GoB to enjoy! :) Contest!

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