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I work full time and I barely have time to breathe. In 2005 hurricane Katrina rearranged my life, since then I have gained roughly 80-90 pounds. I believe that it started in depression and became an addiction. I have started and failed many diets and then decided that MAYBE if I combine diet and exercise with blogging and shopping I might be able to find success. This is the story of 2010 and my struggle to rise above addiction, pain, depression and fat.
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Wednesday, June 30

I know.

I would like to repeat this right quick, I KNOW.
I am aware how stupid this is going to sound, but I am going to share this anyway. Why? Because it's what I do, I am a blogger. I pour out my soul to the anonymous masses hoping to have at least one connection.
I am kind of jelly of the people being bashed by hurricane Alex, NOT that I want that again. Only that Alex is SUCH a better name than Katrina. I hate that that is the name of my life changing storm. Eh, I told you I knew it was stupid!

Tuesday, June 29

Today's Gourmet

WOW! I know, I am way off with this. It has been a pretty minute! Missed it? How sweet! Today was a day. I am coming off a three pound loss and I feel like I am gaining. I don't know why. I feel like I snacked too much, though I am keeping up with my tracking and pointing everything. I think It could be that I have been exercising. Maybe I need to balance my food better, more burnable and clean? I don't know. My legs hurt, but as I mentioned I have been using them more. I went to the doctor and got to hear him say, "No, it is not cancer." I know that I knew that, my mother told me that, GoB told me that, i believe even God told me that ~ still, to have it confirmed, again. That was nice. I had to have blood work done so my hero came and held my hand. After we went to lunch and had - that's right, sushi! I ordered the avocado and seared tuna salad and like a fool I forgot the sauce! So I undressed it - I didn't know what the sauce was made of, but I do that a lot of the sushi sauce that is creamy has a mayo base. So I pointed it as follows: tuna, 5; avocado, 4; roe, 1; sauce, 3.
For dinner I baked salmon in lemon juice - so good. I made a salad with onion, sesame seeds, garlic salt and a wasabi ginger dressing I made myself. Salad, 0; salmon, 3! That is a killer dinner!

"If you bite it, write it."

I cannot tell you to do something. I cannot say, "Look at me, I am an example of blah-blah working." All I can do is stress this one point: TRACKING can make or break you! Keeping an honest and clear record of your food intake does several things. It provides you a way to reflect on your week. If you have gained it helps to look at possible reasons why; if you have lost it is nice to be able to reference what you did right! Taking the time to write down your food s help you to realize what you are putting into your body. Tracking promotes thoughtful awareness as apposed to mindless consuming. I pay more attention to actual portion sizes. These are only a fraction of reasons it's a god idea to track.
Last week was a hard week. I felt I had failed. I felt I had eaten out to often, over my points. I felt defeated but I would not give up tracking. I lost .9 of a pound. That is because even though I was not the picture of WW perfection I was aware! Had I not even held myself accountable I would surely have gained and that could have very well pushed me way off track!

Dear God, Thanks a lot. ♥ FAT

We went a walkin’ at the battlefield, a walkin’ yes we did.

Okay, just so you know that when I write some silly sh*t I am usually doing it to the sound of a song that the line I am typing reminds me of. Like above that’s the “Walkin’ after midnight..” song.
Anyway, we (Gina and I) went walking at the battle field last night. It was hard; my body had been letting me know that the hour long walk was a bit much and when my legs found out that we were going walking again they threw a bloody fit! I was determined, I drug them out with me and we met up at the battle felid. Half way through I wanted to quit, but I didn’t. I feel great.
Funny thing is doing that made me want to do more today. I am hoping I get my Tai Chi DVD in the mail. My plan is to do two Earl’s on the bike, or if Tai Chi arrives I will do one Earl and the Tai Chi DVD!
(Back note: An “Earl” is approximately 21-24 minutes of exercise. It gets its name from the fact that I find it both fun and easy to use my stationary recumbent bike while watching Netflix episodes of My Name Is Earl.)

Monday, June 28

Today's Gourmet ~ Have a drink with me!

Girl, you and me both know what I am about to say is TRUE! Are you ready? You want this? YOU WANT THIS? I want the truth! YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! - Whoa, thank God that is over, my brain just rode that train! Anysaltmyrimoncemorepleaseway, I am about to talk the talk about roosterbutts - C-O-C-K-T-A-I-L-S!
Sometime a girlfriend just needs to put on her soul music (mine is mainly Moby -two in particular, Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad & Pale Horses, which can be checked out below, please do) and have a cocktail while she has herself an almost-cry over all the things that break her heart beyond broken, cannot be healed, only shoved away and revisited on quiet days with soul music and cocktails.
Sometimes a hooker just needs to get over whateve and move onto the next. In that case she needs a cocktail (hookers usually require multiple.)

Just a back note here (if you haven't been in class as of late, a back note is basically the layman's side note,) I am WAY STID so and as in, wasted! If I stop make sense I just want you to know that now I am Dr-Cr-Way-stid-unk! I am twaystid!

Wow, the drinkie-drink just kind of snuck up on me. What was I trying to say? Oh, yeah! If you have to have a drink and you are trying to watch your points there are some options. First off, a four ounce glass of wine is 2 points, not bad. Want something stronger - rum, gin, vodka and whiskey are all 1 point per one ounce. You could take a shot and then sip water. That not going to work for you? Well, I just found out that my little FAT fav happens to be low point. Bloody Mary's, when properly prepared, are only 2 points. (By properly I mean one ounce vodka, three-four ounces mix, two large olives and a few spicy beans.)
Fun fact with Bloody Mary's: they make a great snack, go wonderfully with carrots or a salad. :DSoul music:

Eating junk.

I went for a walk yesterday and I feel great, but my body is lettibng me know that I am still sick. I don’t care. I am going again today if the rain ever stops.
I was really tired come lunch and I just went off to nap a few and wound up napping six minutes past lunch time. :-/ Oh, well. Problem with that is now I am snacking on the world. Nothing TOO bad, after all I have surrounded myself with good options. Still, I need to just go make myself a proper sandwich and be done with it!

OMG sweet bunny kisses on a moonless night!

As I begin to type I almost can not. I am dizzy with lust, sick with desire! Today, my little babinos. Love of loves, goosebumps of the vapors. Today we talk about something so divine it is sinful, so sweet it is like pure vinegar. I can't - we must not, but we must!
Deep Fried Yum-Yums!
Honestly I can almost not go on. It was just a day ago that I tumbled across a post on this silly little thing we call the World Wide Web. The post was all about the glorious things that happened when batter and extremely hot oil met with what can only be describe as one of the world's most iconic of cookies! The deep fried Oreo.
From there I was turned onto the thought of deep frying all the glory of the snack world. What I found was - was - astounding, amazing, miraculous. I found myself torn. half glad that I did not know these heavenly thing existed and half sad that my time as a gluttonous addict had passed.
I couldn't possible speak of the awesome yum that these food are, so I naturally decided to post stolen images. (Thank you to all those who spot pictures of the world-o-cuisine.) I chose to list them in the order that I find them the most crave-able, from least to OMFG GIVE IT TO ME!!!!
You cannot possible be ready, but here we go: DF Oreos, DF Coke, DF Snickers, DF Twinkie with topping, DF Twinkie plain, and the most sick and most insanely undeniable the DF cheese burger. Uh, food porn! Let your deep fried sexiness take me away!

The first 10% goal. (In nine more weeks??)

I really wish that 43Things would give you a way to link two goals, because Lose 100 Pounds and this goal are like the same coin. Anyway, in ten weeks I will get my 16wk charm from WW and I just realized that I could get my key chain by then. (The first 10% key chain.) I decided I would like to get my key chain the week before, or even sooner if possible! So I am aiming for 10 pounds in nine weeks.
I’m nervous!

Saturday, June 26

BMI ~ 41.1

So today I weighed in with a loss of 3 pounds. Because I switched meeting sites they keep getting my rewards bunked up. BUT that is okay. I lost a food point; I now have 29 daily points. I figured that when I lose a food point (which is basically every ten pounds) it would be a good time to update my BMI!
In case anyone wants to do this for themselves, I use the BMI calculator here.

Weekly Meeting

Bow down, kiss the feet and watch me booty shaking happy dance!

Friday, June 25

What's in your? Sandwich Edition

I know, I know! Two What's in your? post in one week - still, they're fun. Lately we have been making our sandwiches with light bread, so that it is only 1 point per sandwich (two slices.) We use Deli Fresh meat, 1 point per six slices. Of course, mustard is a 0 pointer so that is always fun! I eat my Olean chips on the side and if I squint I can pretend I am eating a club and chips from my MOST fav diner!
My, my - look at my desk! Water bottle - check, Gum - check, floss - check, nail polish remover - HELLO! :)

Thursday, June 24

Today's tracker: (Updated!)

(It’s not good, I warn you.)

Coffee – 3
Pretzels – 1
Cheese – 1
Pretzels – 2
Pretzels – 1
Yogurt – 2

In an effort to be healthier I had decided to take a walk with my DVD today, but I couldn't do it on pretzels. To make this easier I came home and had a raw tuna snack with cucumber, ginger and wasabi! - 2, now off to exercise

That is shameful! Must eat better!

What's in your? Bowl Edition

OMG kiddies! I just found Fiber One Caramel Delight. It is so Cinamon Toast Crunch done right. The points are similar, actually it's 3 for a cup and I think that Cinimon Toast is 2 BUT this has 9 grams of fiber and sh*t keeps you full! FULL. It's so yummy!

So sick.

Not in the good way of, like, “That is SO sick!” More like, “Did you know that it has been over a month since I have eaten trash and that pizza last night made me so sick!”
Yep, that is what happened. Thank God, no chance of relapse there. Ugh. I found myself lying in bed and think to myself that I was feeling really awful and I couldn’t even remember what the pizza tasted like, could NOT have been that good! Eww. Then, even in my pain, I had to smile. I am in such a different place than I have been for so many years. I am so much better off. Before I would have been sick and hoping I could recover enough to east ice cream, now I am like, “Salad next time.”

Wednesday, June 23

Today's Gourmet

OMG! Father flippin' pizza. Dear God, let me get through this. I am not messing up. I am counting point. Everything is good, but pizza is my crack. No relapse.

Weight Watcher's doesn't want you.

In a few of my post, two I think. So start over. In a couple of my post you might have read that I switched meetings. The story behind that goes like this: I joined a meeting in my town, it’s a small town and we take a lot of crap because we are close to New Orleans and compared often as the Podunk sister, you know swamps, alligators, rednecks. Thing is we are good people and many who have just given the place a chance will admit that. We were WIPED out by hurricane Katrina, five years later we are slowly recovering. I am proud that I moved home, the only one to do so out of my small group of good friends. I am a part of the recovery of a way of life that is only possible down here, and I feel good about that. After hurricane and multiple relocations, after break up and break downs and make ups and I-still-don’t-know-where-we-stands I had gained 90 pounds and I finally felt like I could beat this. I joined a WW meeting in my small town. The meeting wasn’t large, maybe twenty people, led by a girl my age (which is kinda young in WW terms) and had a few drips but a lot of fun women between the ages of me and my mother (and a few roughly the age of my grandmother.) I liked it. I thought, “We’ll have fun!”
Week two I found out that they would be canceling my Saturday, small town meeting because we would not have a receptionist as of four weeks later. People we very upset. I was a bit disappointed, but I had just lost 7 pounds and wasn’t in the mood to get angry. Besides when something crappy happens after something good my mother always says to me, “It’s the devil trying to get you down. He always shows up to take something when you are happy, don’t let him win.” In fact I could hear her say that as the women bitched that the only other meeting with a good (ie. fun, friendly and laid back) leader was in the next town over, roughly 30 minutes away. Now, you see, some will read that and think, “What is a thirty minute drive?" I was thinking, "Not bad! Devil don’t win this time!” However, to most people who live in my town that is a long drive, and they hate being outside of our world. It’s a mindset that I shared until hurricane Katrina, after which a 30 minute drive is nothing! I left that meeting thinking that I had four more weeks to find a new location.
Week three and I was greeted by this overly fake blond woman with curly hair and an attitude. She is the regional? manager and she was there to quell our concerns. Apparently our leader had resigned, not wanting to be put on substitute duty, and this was our last Saturday meeting. (Two weeks later I would hear from a fellow WW who switched to the Thursday meeting in town that our leader was fired for being a flake. I would also hear a lot of other ugliness about of former leader. This was all being told to her by the Thursday leader. That's right, in a small town where gossip is never a good idea, yet another WW rep was disgracing Weight Watcher's by talking crap about a former employee. Wonderful.) I had a plan, I wasn’t too upset. I did become bothered as she spoke though. She was clearly defensive and aggressive. In my mind she made WW seem more like the ass holes that some of the women thought they were. When she was asked why a non-goal WW person couldn’t be the receptionist she stated, “This is a business, would you want someone, uh,” pointing at a few women in the front row, “or, someone like me, who is slim and at weight to be your spokes person? I mean, we have a front to maintain and like any business we want it maintained by people, who, look or who, make it clear the product works.” It was more than rude, it was ugly. Several times she yelled when responding to questions or concerns. Finally I raised my hand. I said, “I’m sorry, this isn’t going to get better. As you can tell they loved Jess and after only two weeks I know why. I can’t stay much longer, and I want my sticker!” It was enough to lighten things and stop and do rewards. I don’t understand how she could be in her position and let things get so out of control. I don’t see how she could have been through the weight loss struggle and been so rude and cruel. I don’t know what the powers that be are thinking when they make a decision that that woman would be a good face and voice for their product.
Knowing that it is hard for my fellow small towners to leave hometree I offered a car pool at my place the next week and I had two of the ladies show. The leader at our new meeting is amazing. She has all the qualities of a grandmother, a sex toy seller and an Avon lady; loud, quick witted, snarky, fun and giving. She is engaging and she seems like she knows where she came from. She’s been on plan 26 years and has still managed to avoid taking on that holier than thou scent.
Week five another woman joined us, and it’s been good. I enjoy having the company on the drive, we are like our own little support group. We sit together and talk together. I am happy. I don’t care that one woman is a dragon; she will not stop me from working the plan. I hope that while Weight Watchers protects there business as any business would, they don’t feel the way she clearly felt. I would be a great spokesperson for them, as would my car pool buds. We are lucky to have them and they are lucky to have us. I promote WW constantly on this site and am recruiting in person as well. It seems silly to think that just ‘cause I am big now people cannot relate to my struggle or appreciate my success!

I apologize in advance for this.

This post is about burgers. Yum-yum, delish, oohh pass the ketchup, burgers. Recently in my life, which as I am going to be 30 this year (at the very, very end) I consider anything with in the last 3 years, I discovered the Eat, This Not That! people. They do a little blurb for Yahoo! and I have liked a lot of what they have to say. In fact, I want to buy their 2010 book. This week’s blurb (link below) was about burgers.
I have found a way to make healthy burgers, and it helps me to get through the time when all I think I want is fast food. I use ground turkey, fresh tomato, lettuce, onions (just like pizza, the more veggies you can pile onto something the better and better it becomes for you!) The BIGGEST, or should I say smallest, change is portion – the meat on your plate should be no bigger than a deck of cards. Yeah, chew on that for a while – you can’t after three chews it’s gone! Still it is true. When you think of quarter pounders and triple deckers – think of the fact that an adult should (if eating fast food) in reality only be eating a regular, small, kids burger! (Now imagine if you let your 10 year old eat a double stack! I know, right?)
It’s a crazy world out there and weight is both our fault and not at the same time. You have to be educated and understand what you are eating. Often healthy sounding dishes are full of hidden fat and WAY over sized. While the Eat, This Not That! people never say it directly, that I have read, one offender always featured is Cheesecake Factory. They have wonderful, often time healthy, sounding dishes and are always at the top of the “Not That” list.
BTW, that burger pictured – it is (was at the time of the picture) world record holder as largest burger and it weighs in at 198 pounds! Fun, right?

Tuesday, June 22

Egg Watch 2010 - We have a chick-a-dee!!!

Yep, it happened. I came home to find a peeping chick, and (sadly) a chick that had not made it. :( I will post pictures when it is safe to take them! Pray for the rest of the egglets to hatch safely!

Planning for the way ahead!

So, with weight loss you usually lose more while you are big and moving is a work out, and then as you shrink you have to do more. I have been thinking about that plateau that is destined to happen and I have a plan.
Right now, as I am a bit (a fat girl bit) large I am keeping the exercise simple, riding my indoor bike, walking indoors and Tai Chi. As I lose I am adding yoga, a longer walking DVD and possibly a dance DVD. Once I have gotten to 45-60 pounds lost I am joining Curves. I only plan on doing curves for 4-8 weeks, as it is a steady work out that does not vary it will only serve to help me get used to going to a gym and as a baby step because after doing Curves successfully I plan to join Anytime Fitness (a 24 hour gym) and start working in muscles!
This is the first time I ever felt like I needed to plan, because I am going to get there!

Out with the old.

So much of losing weight is old habit, old addiction, old pain. Left alone to fester, to hurt more because it was not dealt with. So much of me is defined by never letting go. I think I could easily become a hoarder. A few years ago a long time friend had a pair of sun glasses that I adored. I set out to find something similar and I did. After much daily wear they broke. :( I kept them, afraid of losing the memory of her if I tossed them. That's dumb and it's that type of thought that makes it impossible to move forward. So, while out on my maxi dress hunt I came across new glasses and I am throwing out my old one. Deep breath.
I toss these broken glasses like I toss out the broken me. No more holding in, or on. No more hiding my addictions for fear of abandonment. I am loved and I will be loved. The people who love me want me healthy and are there for me what I am weak.

Monday, June 21


Even of I am hungry, I’m not. I have enough food to live, this is habit hungry, addiction hungry. I have to get back to being strong. the last two weeks I have felt I was just surviving the diet, not living the change! Come on, FAT, shake it off!

Chopsticks rule!

I have liked some sort of sushi for roughly ten years. Of course back when I first ate it I was a little scared and I only ate the non-raw options. In 2005 I started dating the GoB and she took me on a to dinner at a sushi restaurant in Baton Rouge. She painstakingly taught me how to use chopsticks. It is a revolution. Eating with chopsticks limits the amount you can shovel, and your ability to shovel in the first place. It make you slow down and think of every bite. It is incredibly organic, natural. I love sushi, as anyone hanging around this blog can gather, but I think one of my favorite parts of it are the chopsticks.

I need to do something.

Anything. I think it would be easier to stay focused if I were working out or moving. It feels good to feel your body burn clean fuel and after you don't want to screw it all away by eating crap! MUST DO TAI CHI!

Sunday, June 20

WTF just happened?

I will tell you - OMG, I just lost all of my father f*cking pictures for some dumb sh*t reason! Oh, eff NO!
Okay, after careful research I found Art Plus Digital Photo Recovery and downloaded the trial for free. I don't think it found them ALL but it found most and the really important ones! 19.95 for my baby's dance recital and honor roll ceremony, not too shabby! Some of the photos are a bit odd - it looks like the newest ones and that might be because I had started taking other pictures before I realized something was wrong.

Pish on tracking.

It ain't going too well. Thank the WW people above for giving me 35 extra points a week! Sadly writing everything down like a good little (fat) WWer.

Saturday, June 19

Egg Watch 2010 (Update 3)

We have chickens, a whole other post, my friends. But what is fun is that Katelyn is sitting on eggs and we are on official egg watch. I am so excited that I look like this:
Only a wee (oh, okay, a lot) bit chunkier!

Update 1 - 3:39 PM - We think we can see one egg move ever so slightly. (Momma came out on her own to eat and drink a bit.) I would take pictures, but last time we had a hatching I over disturbed Katelyn in my excitement and she ran off the next. Inadvertently trampling one of the wee fluffs and killing it. I have vowed to leave her alone this time. Let it happen and take pictures when it is safe.
Update 2 - 7:49 PM - Well, I can't be certain because there is a lot of noise outside, but I am pretty sure I here peeps. I told GoB that either there were babies or a local bird must be a new mommy. I know I heard them, I am 95% sure they were coming from the coop. Also, Katelyn did not get up when I peeked at her. Of course, as I mentioned, I am not bothering her too much. I just took a peek and she was really fluffed out and protective and did not budge! YAY!
Update 3 - 8:00 AM Sunday - No, I was wrong. No little chick-a-dees, not yet. Still just some little eggs. Now I am a bit disappointed like this:

Weekly Meeting

Total loss: 12.7 - only .9 this week. I can't complain, it was an insane week. Any loss is a good loss.

Friday, June 18

Today's Gourmet

So, so seriously you cannot know how I love sushi. Even I am surprised at times. So often I want it and then I go to a restaurant and it is just a disappointment. :( I leave still wanting sushi because what I actually wanted was good sushi and I didn't get that.
FAST FORWARD A MOFO MOMENTO! The GoB made sushi at home yesterday. She will not stop the him-hawing of how sloppy her rolls are but let me tell you. (Because this is my blog and therefore the entire purpose is for me to tel you, but also because it needs to be said.) She made some of the best father f*cking sushi I have had as of late!
Don't be jelly, oh hell it is not your fault, wilt in your jealousy! Kisses!

Didn't everybody?

I just recently cleaned out my purse and desided I needed a change purse. So, I went online and ordered on. It's got ba-nonos on it. I know, it's awesomer than your old plastic smiley face one! Try not to be too jelly!
Anywho, when I got it it was a little bigger than expected and I thought, "That would be perfect for going out. It's just right for my ID, bank card, fags and a lighter." Then you know what happened? I remembered that I don't smoke. That's right. I was a smoker and now, I am not. I quit smoking like, two and a half to three years ago. I know, right?
Remembering that filled me with this recockulous pride and made me think that one day I will forget that I weighted over two hundred pounds. I can't imagine that now, but a few years ago I never thought I would forget being a smoker!

Thursday, June 17

Today's Gourmet ~ Whole Foods ♥

So, we went to Whole Foods today for lunch and I got a bowl, Shrimp Thai Basil Noodle. It comes with the ingredients steamed and the broth on the side. This is awesome because there is A LOT of the bad stuff in the broth. The rice noodles are 4 points the veggies and shrimp - zero. I avoided the bad stuff by only adding a table spoon of the broth for flavor.
Back note, I have been wanting a doughnut so the GoB tried to make me one out of toasted wheat bread and honey. It was really good, it was not a doughnut, BUT it was really good. For dinner I made a fish and shrimp salad - six points. What? What?

You might have noticed:

There are more and more post popping through the day and that is because I can load pictures from work over there, and I can't here. So that will probably be how I post through out the day. :) Unless I am posting something not relevant to anything I am working on, which I can't imagine.

Healthy snacking!

I am trying to figure out what I am so hungry lately. I have been craving salt like insanity! I looked it up and while there are several major things that can cause salt cravings the most common is dehydration. That makes a bit of sense, as yesterday I drank more water than the rest of the week and it was the only day I didn’t rip up the pretzels.
Today I am trying to remember to eat BEFORE it gets to a “Dang! I am hoon-gry!” level. Thus, the snackage pictured.

Taking care of me.

I feel like I never stop. I know I do. Just feels that way. It's hard to remember you in those times. Hard to remember to eat right and not just snack on kid's leftovers or grab a Big Mac. I am sure everyone knows that taking a shower after you get over being sick is a really great feeling, well I have turned every shower into that. I did it with my most fav soap, ever! It's called Seance and it is an inscent dream. So to branch out I bout a couple of new flavors. Nagchampa and Sandlewood Vanilla. I can not wait. I feel so amazing when I step out the shower and I feel my energy aligned. The soaps are hand made and cost over four dollars a bar, but to me I am well worth it.

Wednesday, June 16

The snacks are getting to me.

I am doing well on water and alright on life, but the need to snack as I sit here for the next two hours! It is driving me mad!

Maxi me maybe?

I am in love with my maxi dresses. I have four and I want to add at least on more (blue.) My dresses make me feel comfy and sexi and I am able to rock my style through hair color (blue) and through accessories. Still it's a nice change. To share what a change it is I am going to share a new headless fatty picture. Only I have a head it's just being covered!
Anylookatmeway, here it is. Let me know if it's a good look!

Tuesday, June 15

Today's Gourmet

I had a better day today. Still, the night time snacking is a bit of a problem but I am getting through! We went to the Oriental Market today after work and got several thing I am happy about. New chopsticks - YAY! Also, I got a yogurt drink that was so yummy, 3 points. Pocky, which is 2 points a serving AND comes prepackaged into small servings. Biggest find of this year - instant clear soup! Heaven! Um, ZERO POINT HEAVEN!
For dinner we had tomatto pasta and a mushroom and onion sauce (really, I cooked the mushrooms and onions myself) with ground turkey meat. I made the meat in patties so that points would be more controlled. It was a 14 point dinner and it was so good!

So far, so good.

Today, while I have not drank as much water as I should (and as I would like to) I have been keeping the snacking in line. I have a BUNCH of points left for this evening and I am planning a pasta dinner. :) Yay! Feels good!
OMG! I am a LOVER of clear soup and we just stopped at the Oriental Market before working late and I found this instant clear soup mix. It’s 2.99 and it makes three 8-12oz. servings (depending on how you like the taste. I like mine with about 10oz. of water. It’s so easy, I just dumped it in and added hot water from the water cooler. It isn’t exactly like you get out to eat but it is really close. I love it! (You are going to scream, “Shut up!” when I tell the next part. Don’t bother, I will shut up on my own because I will be sippin’ on my zoup-er-o!) It’s 0 points because it is only 5 calories!

I love you, Olestra!

Olestra, or as some people might know it, Olean is a fat substitute. It adds no fat or calories to the food it is used in or to cook. Now, because of Olestra the beautiful chips called Ruffles Light and several other types are available for next to no points.
Let's do a compare the points project. Original Ruffles has 160 calories, 10 grams of fat and 1 gram of fiber per 1 ounce serving; the point value, 4. Ruffles Light w/ Olean has 70 calories, 0 grams of fat and 1 gram of fiber per 1 ounce serving; the point value, 1. Hello!
BTW the side effect of consuming to much Olestra is steatorrhea, which is pretty gross. However, if you use these products as an alternative when you really want or need to snack (bad day, movie night, ect.) and you don't rely on them heavily in your day to day diet you should be fine. I mean, face it, potato chips are not healthy. Period. This is just a slightly better way to do something that you'd do anyway at a much more drastic cost to yourself and your weight loss goal. On a back note, I threw in the WTF tag on this post because steatorrhea - seriously? Ewww.

Monday, June 14

Back on track.

I never really got off of track, but I am in slightly dangerous water. This weekend was just a jumble of eating and trying to carefully avoid the danger zone, and today was GoB’s birthday. We had dinner at a little place we love. While I was careful with my choices I also indulged. The crazy thing was that I ate more than I have lately and felt just shy of uncomfortable when we left, after being home a while we shared a piece of cake that we brought home (one piece instead of a whole one, I’m learning.) Still, somehow, all of that left me needing to snack only a few hours later. I chose pretzels and drank lots of water so I am not really worried about that. I just am not comfortable with the behavior in general, you know?
I am so happy with my momentum that I am worried for it. Must charge forward! Deep breath. Okay, back to the grind.

Today's Gourmet ~ Vega's ♥

OMG, I can't. I will, but I can't. Today we went to dinner to celebrate the GoB's 30th. (I know, not a day over 26!) We went to a restaurant called Vega's. It's really good. We ordered our fav foods from there, BUT here is the catch. Usually when we go we order what is called the 'Feed Me' where the chef just keeps sending out dishes, really small portions so you get all kinds of flavors and fun and after ten plates it is like one dinner. So when we ordered we were thinking of the tiny 'Feed Me' portions. Um, no. It was so much food! I am putting up pictures of GoB's also, just because they are so good!
As all birthday meals should, this one started with the free bubbly you get when they have your email address and know your birthday!GRUET Blanc de Noirs New Mexico Brut NV 375 ml.

Our salads:Strawberry's w/ Dandelion Vinaigrette Salad & Roasted Beet Salad (baby spinach, candied walnuts & goat cheese tossed with curried vinaigrette) As an FYI, my salad was the strawberry salad with dandelion vinaigrette. A-mazing!

My meal:Coriander Tuna (seared rare ahi with avocado-tomato relish & chili-cilantro vinaigrette)Espárragos a la Parrilla (grilled asparagus with roasted peppers)Steamed Mussels (with capers, red onion & fresh dill in white wine-butter broth)Vaca a la Plancha (7oz. grilled beef tenderloin with queso valdeon butter)

meal:Berenjena Napoleon (eggplant layered with fresh mozzarella, arugula, sun-dried tomatoes & basil pesto)House-smoked Alaskan Salmon (with dill-chive crême fraiche, croutons and accompaniments )Seared Diver Scallops (over Israeli cous cous confetti with mango-jalapeño butter)Moorish Pork (cured & grilled tenderloin over flash fried spinach & horseradish sour cream)

At home we shared:Chocolate Truffle Cake (flourless cake with raspberry coulis & cream) Contest!

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