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Friday, June 10

The annual crawfish boil: 2011

I started prepping for work's crawfish boil by doing A LOT of online research and found that this information was about what everyone agreed on: (While calories are not too bad, not bad at all really, check out the Sodium!)

The average serving of crawfish at a boil is roughly three to five times what is picture below. Most people eat even more.

I took my food scale and measured out one pound of crawfish.

I avoided the corn and potatoes and sausage that accompanies the crawfish in their tasty death bath. The potatoes are usually my "thing" but I was truly satisfied to just munch on my craw daddies.
I would usually have my wife pick them for me, but felt I would enjoy them and feel more satisfied if I did the dirty work myself. I was right. :)

Here are some other pictures, sorry for the poor quality I had my iPhone in a plastic baggy to save it from crawfish gunk!

In the end they ran out of crawfish and had to have more delivered. Over 265 pounds of the little critters were consumed! I had 16 crawfish, 7 shrimp and 10 mushrooms! Thank you very much! :)

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