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Wednesday, February 15

Man VS. Food

Have you ever seen this show? I adore it! I want to be on it! I want to challenge Adam to some crazy (non spicy) food feat, preferably in the breakfast category, or pizza. I would so smash this little cutie!
Anywho, if you have not seen it: host Adam Richman travels around taking various food challenges like "eat this 10 pound burger and get a T" or "if you finish this gargantuan pizza you get your picture on the wall of fame."
So here is my frustration with the show and some of what I have heard when discussing the show, ready? Okay! (Sorry there is a 4th grade cheerleader still in there!) I KNOW that this is not healthy, and I hope that Mr. Richman, sexi as he is, is taking steps to be healthy aside from all this while filming. Personally I would eat pristine and drink LOTS of water for a few weeks before and after such a feat. I would also work out HARD CORE the week leading up and easy through the week that followed. For the people who are disturbed by this behavior and the fact that such challenges exist I would like to remind them that these are fun, ridiculous selling tactics that few actually go in a order and no one eats on the usual basis. If you don't like it - move to another channel, perhaps Top Chef is a better choice for your culinary viewing - those dishes are itty.
Now to my issue with the show, actually not the show - the host. That's right, for all the love I have for the show and the adorable man who host it there is this little irk in my soul. It's his baby-ing wimp out when the going gets rough. The panting and sweating and girlie cries about how hard and rough things are. Come on, man up! This is Man VS. Food, not 3rd-grade-pansy VS. Food. I don't get it. I mean, sure the spicy ones would make me cry uncle way to soon, but the rest of them, breakfast-pizza-loaded baked potato, I could kill it like no other. Maybe I should look for a challenge around here, I am sure there are a few - then ask him out on a food porn challenge diner date? Hmmm. Let me get the wife's opinion before I go doing that! lol

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