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Tuesday, July 12

Banono Icecream - Uh, hells yeah!

Simple and easy let's go! Thing to remember is that you can change this up. I use 2-4 ounces of almond milk, and two packets of Splenda in this one. Usually I add a splash of vanilla extract, and for added fun a tea spoon of Slenda brown sugar and a wee touch of cinnamon! It's all about the texture so add the milk in slowly!

I use really ripe banonos because, well if they are too mushy to eat it won't matter. Also, any bruised or damaged ones are goo for this. I usually put them in a gallon size freezer bag, but I was out today and they are little bananas!

Peel them all, doesn't matter if they break - that is the next step. Remove all stringy stuff!

Break into ice cube size pieces, to make it easier on your food processor.

Bag, get a good seal and squeeze out as much air as possible, just don't go to nuts and mush the banonos together. It's important to be able to get only a few later!

Toss in the freezer and let them get throughly frozen.

Place desired amount in food processor. I do one banana at a time so I can track it easily. If you do this you need to make sure you put the rest of the bananas back in the freezer between batches, you really want them FROZEN, not thawed at all.

Get them good and broken up, small chunks - like small blue cheese crumble size!

I used two Splenda packets. I sprinkle them over the whole banana.

Now, give it a few spins.

I start with adding two ounces of almond milk, if I must I add more. the keey is to watch out, too much will make it wet. (Still yummy!)

After you learn just the right amount of milk, you will be able to get this creamy, airy and delish soft serve consistency!

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