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I work full time and I barely have time to breathe. In 2005 hurricane Katrina rearranged my life, since then I have gained roughly 80-90 pounds. I believe that it started in depression and became an addiction. I have started and failed many diets and then decided that MAYBE if I combine diet and exercise with blogging and shopping I might be able to find success. This is the story of 2010 and my struggle to rise above addiction, pain, depression and fat.
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Sunday, October 23

Weekly Meeting (Wk 75)

So, I decided that I go to meetings but only weigh in every third week. This may – or may not – be shortened to every other week or put back to weekly. I am just trying to find my grove and I think that I need to find more of a normalcy to my relationship with food and the scale. Today I did weigh in at home, I weighed in at 139.2 – which was last weeks official WW weight. I went to my meeting and then I went to my aunts annual Halloween party. I was at her house for 10 hours, over which time I ate a few pieces of candy, two cupcakes, three hot dogs (two for lunch and one for dinner) and I had coffee. I did not actually track all of these things in my calorie counter. I tracked breakfast, I tracked lunch and dinner. I let myself indulge (my brain counted calories – lol) without counting them and said, “Look, two rules are don’t overkill just because you can and when you leave this party you go back to your strict routine.” It’s the first time I am trying this new mindset, I’ll keep you posted!

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