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I work full time and I barely have time to breathe. In 2005 hurricane Katrina rearranged my life, since then I have gained roughly 80-90 pounds. I believe that it started in depression and became an addiction. I have started and failed many diets and then decided that MAYBE if I combine diet and exercise with blogging and shopping I might be able to find success. This is the story of 2010 and my struggle to rise above addiction, pain, depression and fat.
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Thursday, December 30

Today is a 10!

Kids – with me! Vacation – starts tomorrow! Three days of family time and ♥! Yay! My babies are here and we have to run to WW to weigh in. I am a teeny bit bummed that I will not have a meeting this week, after all I have to be back to work RIGHT after weigh in and then I have things to do after work so I will not be able to do the evening meeting. I am a bit tense over the weigh in also, because this morning my new scale, who has been pretty good and not being TOO wild with the swinging back and forth, blinked up at me and said, “188.8!” Yesterday it said, “189.5!” So I am thinking it is on the right track! Now, of course my WW weight will not be that low, after all that was my pant less and braless weight! (Could you also say shameless and classless? Probably.) :)

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  1. Well, now I'm really bummed out. You mean WW doesn't let you strip before weigh in? ;D

    Here's hoping for good news for you at the weigh in and a positivly charged New Year!


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