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Friday, February 4

Today's Gourmet - Bun-less Burgers!

Bun-less turkey burger anyone? Why, I don't mind if I do - TWICE. That's right, twice! I told you once before (or maybe a lot of times before) that I am a volume eater. I like a nice big dinner and having one keeps me out of the kitchen all night, so any chance I get to increase volume without blowing points or calories I am at it!
First - our ingredients: (These are all things that can be swapped and or left off!) I am on a spicy mustard kick, I started putting it on my Subway sandwiches and just picked some up the last time I hit the grocery. Banana peppers, another Subway staple that has made its way to my home cooking! Those large floppy lettuce leaves I saved from yesterday and a serving of ground extra lean turkey meat. Side dish will be baked mushrooms and the garlic and onions are for that. (I love, love, love pre-chopped onions! Such an easy, time saver!)I toss the mushrooms into a small baking dish that is lined with foil to make clean up easy peasy! I salt, pepper and then sprinkle with onions and garlic. Cover with more foil and stick them in a preheated oven at 415 degrees, those need to stay at least thirty minutes. You might notice that I do these often, but when I am making them with brown rice or whole wheat pasta I cook them longer to produce more juice for the dish!Usually I only eat one of these, tonight I am eating two. For one reason I need the protein and for another I am starving after my latest Zumba romp!Lay out two really large, bend-y leaves to start the wraps and get the burgers into a good starting position. Now, these are REALLY flat patties, remember I mentioned that the extra lean meat doesn't shrink, it doesn't get all puffy either, stays nice and thin.Add toppings of your choice, here I put spicy mustard to taste and my peppers.After selecting more good leaves I finish up the wrap and dress the other burger.Add the mushrooms and we have a lovely little dinner, low on calories and big on filling foods.
My friend Nari says that her family uses the large lettuce leaves as a stand in for taco shells - I think that is an awesome idea I will be using soon!

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  1. I am sending my Hubby shopping today for your turkey burger wraps and shrooms for tonight's dinner. They look delicious. I can't wait!


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