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Monday, February 7

Today's Gourmet - Super Bowl PIZZA

That's right, my little lovelies, pizza! I have eaten pizza THREE times since starting my weight loss journey at the end of May that fateful Saturday. (Once from Papa John's, I got SO sick after that! Once a piece I made for the kids and then tonight. This, of course, does not count pizza alternative made on FlatOut or Bagel Thins.
I wanted to do a build it step by step, and I started taking the pictures - only the super bowl was on and I got a bit distracted! Sorry. Thing is you peeps are smart enough to put a pizza together so let's just have a look-see at the ingredients!

LOVE nonstick cooking spray, it really is a step you must remember so that your pizza comes away nicely and you can cook the next pizza without a flippin' scrub-a-thon.Okay, glad I got a pic of this step, because it reminds me to say a few things that make building this pizza different than just making a pizza. I use the pre-made pizza crust - thin crust, because it is lower in calories. I don't like thin crust so I ignore the instructions when it says to pre-bake the crust, and I just go ahead and roll it out thick, poke a bunch of holes with a fork and cook after I dress it up! For sauce, I use the light Alfredo and to avoid using WAY TOO MUCH I mix a half a cup with the pretty much (but not all the way) drained spinach and then spread it.I added my primary cheese layer (2/3 cup) and then topped with mushrooms and finished with another 1/3 cup of cheese. Baked at the stated temperature for 10-12 minutes, or until tasty golden! A piece of fast food pizza is 5 points or more, this pizza figure to 4 points (roughly 173 calories) but I like making my pizzas better than ordering for a couple of reasons. 1) It isn't so greasy that it needs to be wiped down. 2) I control the quality of the ingredients, which means it taste awesome! 3) I can count the points and/or calories myself and not hope that the estimate they give is accurate!So, so good!

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  1. This looks amazing! I haven't had spinach since I was a kid.. doest it taste pretty ok? I'm going to make this and upload some pics on my own blog.. it looks soo freaking good!


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