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Tuesday, February 15

Zumba! The Wii game.

I just got this Saturday. See when I got my new car I had "cleaned" out my old one and what was trash got tossed and what was actually needed went on the couch waiting to get sorted! Well, I finally went through all that and I found a bunch of cat flea crap that I had bought at WallyWorld. When I bought it it was all half price and then I decided not to use it and meant to return it. Six months later I finally did and when I went to return it I tried telling her that I did't have my receipt and that I paid half price. She told me because I didn't have a receipt I could only return for what the product cost now. Now they are full price so I got back forty some-odd dollars. Money to burn. Fun. I had just tucked it away as I walked through the videos and I was like, "Wait! What about the Zumba game?" There you go! I will review it as soon as I actually use it! Yay!
Update: as I tweeted a second ago - the Zumba video game review will be up on YouTube tonight!

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