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I work full time and I barely have time to breathe. In 2005 hurricane Katrina rearranged my life, since then I have gained roughly 80-90 pounds. I believe that it started in depression and became an addiction. I have started and failed many diets and then decided that MAYBE if I combine diet and exercise with blogging and shopping I might be able to find success. This is the story of 2010 and my struggle to rise above addiction, pain, depression and fat.
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Friday, February 18

New feature item: Sh*t I didn't eat!

So, I really wish I would have started this when the holidays were I'm full swing. Seeing that I am in the south I know that Mardi Gras will bring more opportunities for this!
I have decided to start taking pictures and documenting the foods I pass on. The monsters under my bed, if you will. Today I give you Mexican food from a local restaurant that is really great! This is a shredded chicken taco salad. I love taco salads. Maybe one day it will be on my menu, but I no longer let a passing coworker's offer to pick me up something change my meal plan. :) That is a good thing, even though is feels a little sad sometimes!

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