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Tuesday, March 1

Time for tea?

I think I mentioned that I am LOVING tea as of late. Nari suggested vanilla tea to which I say YES! I am on love.
A few weeks ago my lovey's step father brought over a few boxes of her mother's things. (Her mother passed away in '98 I believe.) So while she was unpacking i was blown away by the fact that almost every item made me want to squeal! Fabrics and sewing projects and glitter! They could be my boxes! As she was pulling a tea cup out of the box we both made the following remarks at the exact same time: Me "OMG, I love it!" Her "I don't really care about a lot of this." lol!
So I got the tea cup and later she found a matching saucer! This have been my new fav thing at the office!


  1. Cute tea cup. I have tea time on Saturdays with my Girls, when they're not too busy with their friends.

    I bought a cute tea service and I bought a tiered tea tray for finger sandwiches and fruit. We get dressed in flowy dresses and big floppy hats we bought at a vintage clothing store and we just enjoy the afternoon.

    Since they are 18 & 19, I dread the loss of that special time, as they will be both be moving out of state soon.

  2. I never liked tea ever, until I found my favorite tea on earth - Bigelow Fruit & Almond Herb Tea. It is delicious, and no caffeine.

    Sadly, I haven't found it at any grocery store except in Louisiana, although I keep looking. If you see it when you are tea shopping pick up a box (and one for me!).


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