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Friday, March 18

A little bit of ♥, for you at lunch time!

So, while I have been planning a wedding and trying to keep working out and eating as I need to be - I have also been a bit of a single mother lately! (I love my kiddos, but it is still rough at times.) My lovely has taken on A LOT of extra hours to make this whole wedding and homeschooling possible - really hitting it hard!
We seem to pass each other often, but never really see each other! :(, I know. We are weathering this surprisingly well, I guess it comes from a place of yes for us both. Do you love each other? Yes. Is marriage and family your mutually agreed upon first priority? Yes. Are you willing to work hard and give up when needed? Yes.Still, I always want her to feel loved and taken care of, so making her lunches has been a priority! She is out in the field so her lunches need to be cooler safe, light enough to not make her feel yucky in the southern heat (yep, it's getting sticky down here already) and also fill her up and give her energy to do physical work!
I have always had an interest in bento, and I guess this would be "American" bento, as I don't use rice or sushi type foods - because of temperature issues! The top one is her typical-ish lunch: two white flour wraps (these are ham, turkey bacon, Swiss, lettuce and low fat three cheese ranch dressing,) fruit, and her little container is full of wasabi peas for a spicy surprise! The lower on is her "snack" container: (breakfast) two boiled eggs, (rare) whole grain chips with salsa, (rare) devil's food cookies, (normal) baby carrots, (rare) container stuffed with tiny sweet pickles! [Usually this pack has celery and some sort of dipping sauce, or a salad or something more nutritional. On this day she had been working for like seven days straight and I felt she deserved to be surprised by a bit of a party fare!]

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  1. That was such a sweet thing to do. I bet she was a very happy girl today!


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