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Thursday, October 7

Extra - Dessert Delights

Okay kids, come gather around. We need to talk. I know that this doesn't seem possible, but Extra gum has made a dessert gum that is OFF THE CHAIN! I have not gotten to taste the strawberry shortcake. The key lime pie gum take like a flippin' piece of pie. No lie! You can taste the crust and the cream. The mint chocolate chip is like chewing non-cold ice cream. It is a mind trip AND a life saver. At only 5 calories you really can have a dessert alternative!
Now, time for a quick "come clean" - I am always in pursuit of that mind altering feeling of strange. My all time fav thing to eat is cotton candy frozen yogurt from TBCY, because it is yummy and because it trips my brain out. I mean, is cold and solid and cream AND it taste just like cotton candy! Shut up!
This gum does the same thing and while I have not tried the strawberry I can guarantee that I will buy three packs when I find it!

Update: So, I found the strawberry and I lied. I only bought two packs. Also, it sucks. I don't know how or why BUT they dropped the ball here! So stick to key lime or mint chocolate and, enjoy!

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