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Sunday, October 24

Today's Gourmet - Field trip last Thursday!

The girls and I woke up on time and had our shiz together, in fact I had time to make eggs for breakfast. As I was taking the eggs out little Putt asked for a job. I put her on lunches, not making them but getting everything together. Putt took the turkey out of the fridge noticed it was open when a few pieces fell out, her reaction to this? But of course she dumped the rest so that the cats could feast with abandon. Argh! So suddenly I have to pick up lunch, I no longer have time for eggs. At this point we barely have time for mobile breakfast, which is what we ate.

So the other day we had a field trip to go on, little Putt and I. I love doing these school things with the kids, but this trip was so wretchedly wrong from the jump! First of all it rained all morning and the pumpkin patch was a sloppy mess, but that was a nonissue for a while because we did this -

for an hour. That’s right, we just waited with NOTHING for the kids to do before we took the first graders to watch this for 45 minutes.

Don't get me wrong, my child loved the movie. I pride myself on having kids who are pretty age appropriate. Still, most of the kids are over Elmo and somewhere around the ten minute mark it became painfully obvious that our group had already sat for an hour too long. Even the kids who wanted to watch couldn't due to noise, so they gave up and the noise got worse.

After that we went to pick our pumpkin. The teacher made a rule that kids had to carry whatever pumpkin they picked. I seems to me that we should have done the patch last then, so that we wouldn't have to haul the dang things around. What do I know, I am but a parent. On ward, to the patch! Putt and I select a pumpkin and then take a few pictures and then.... We sit, again. For twenty minutes, in the sun, running isn't allowed, nor is browsing once you have picked your pumpkin. Uh huh. This sucks.

After that we headed to this -

the hay ride. We waited, again, for 20 minutes and then boarded and then waited and then took a five minute jaunt around the patch. We unload and are told to go have lunch on the tarp -

where, once again, there is no running, playing or general fun allowed. We are told to sit and - you guessed it - WAIT after we are finished. Finally we are allowed to release the children (who, as you may remember, are all still carrying their pumpkins from earlier) into the main attraction -

which was a big construction fencing square that had a bunch of balls for the kids to play with (or kick, since they were still holding pumpkins.)

The trip sucked, but lunch was good! Check it!

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  1. That day sounded more like some sort of bizarre torture technique test that was being conducted, without your knowledge...hmmm.


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