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Monday, July 12

WW Product Review

This week in my meeting they gave out a sample of the WW Ranch Multigrain Crisps - 2 points per pouch. Hmm, let's see some of the things they highlight are 14 grams of Whole Grains per serving and 0 grams of trans fat. (BTW, one serving is one ounce.) The relevant nutrients are as follows: calories, 110; Fat, 2.5 (though they make another note to let you know that there is no saturated or trans fat;) fiber, 2.
Now, for how they taste. They are alright. A bit too healthy in the texture, but actually quite good as far as the flavor. I would not crave them, or even buy them in a pinch. I think there are way to many other two point snacks I would rather.
What is fun, though, is that I have decided to buy one WW product every week and review them all - hey, that is fun!

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