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Tuesday, August 17

Home Team: Coaching the Saints & New Orleans Back to Life ~ Sean Payton

Just finished this today. A-mazing! Love, love, l-♥-ve! It’s written wonderfully and gives you fun facts about the Saints team. I am a collector of football trivia. It started with reading The Blindside and football blogs. I am just a sucker for it!
Sean Payton is a great guy and we, as a city and a team, are so lucky that God brought him to New Orleans.
It’s a magic place. It was a magic season. After reading the books of Sean and Drew you get the hope and the feeling that this team is a new addition to the top teams, not just on a lucky streak. A new breed of player has arrived in New Orleans and I don’t think we will ever see the lazy, beaten down, angry guys we used to know. These guys are heroes and champs. They have values and codes and I am honored the play for me and my world.
Read it, if you are not a fan you will be. If you are a fan you probably know it already, but it is still an awe inspiring story!

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