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Saturday, August 7

WW Product Review ~ Pomegrantate Blueberry Smoothie

Okay, let me sat up front that this: "We aim to give you the best tasting and most satisfying product for the points value." is a direct quote from the box. It to me implies that this might not be the yummiest or the most satisfying, but for the points value it is. On that note they would be right, as I, in all my research, have yet to find any other shakes for 1 point. However having no competition hardly makes something worth 7.95 in my humble opinion.
First I tried it with milk, skim as they suggest. With skim milk it is 3 points and pretty gross. It was during this that I thought I should have picked chocolate or the coffee flavored one. I couldn't tell if it was the smoothie mix or the flavor I really didn't like. Both, I think. The next day, as a matter of science, I tried it with water. That is not even funny, even at one point it is the worst one point I have ever tasted! The gritty powered flavor of early 90's SlimFast is gourmet compared. Grant it, SlimFast is six points so maybe if it was reduced to one I wouldn't say that. Who knows?
Next week I am getting the chocolate, if that flavor isn't good I will not even try the others. Ovaltine is three points when mixed with milk, it gives you vitamins and crap. I have to admit, I am not really looking forward to it. This experiment left me kind of skived.

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