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I work full time and I barely have time to breathe. In 2005 hurricane Katrina rearranged my life, since then I have gained roughly 80-90 pounds. I believe that it started in depression and became an addiction. I have started and failed many diets and then decided that MAYBE if I combine diet and exercise with blogging and shopping I might be able to find success. This is the story of 2010 and my struggle to rise above addiction, pain, depression and fat.
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Friday, June 11

The front page of Yahoo! turned me on to this.

Almost weekly there are Yahoo articles by these people who publish books called Eat, This Not That! and the articles are really interesting. They reveal the nutrition facts that would shock. I wanted to pick up the book and read it for reference sake. Not only a fun read, but one that could help in my war on fat and avoid a few set backs that could result from simply not knowing or underestimating the nutritional bomb that is a food.
The thing is I can't decide what book to start with. There is a 2010 edition, a supermarket survival guide and a drink book. Hmmm, looks like I am going to have to have a fat girl pow-wow in Borders. (Yes, I have a local-ish Barnes & Noble, but Borders seems like they need more patronage.)

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