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Thursday, June 3

Greek Yogurt

Here's the skinny on Greek yogurt according to me. I think that it is amazing when it is flavored, like vanilla, it is like a moose almost because it is so think and it's so rich. BUT where it shines is in it's plain, unaltered, I AM YOGURT state. Used plain it is just like sour cream and as such it can be used on baked potatoes, chili, tacos or taco salads, chips... the possibilities are truly endless. However it also make a great stand in for mayonnaise in salads, like tuna or egg. Now, it ain't perfect like dumping a jar on the white stuff in but it will work and still taste amazing. In fact I just made a egg salad with it the other day and we really enjoyed it!USA News had this to say about it:
"I know I should eat yogurt for the calcium, but honestly, the texture just skeeves me out. So when I discovered the joys of Greek yogurt, I was an instant convert: It's thicker and richer than the regular stuff and seems almost like a dessert. Here's how it stacks up against its runnier rival, nutrition-wise:

Fage Total 0% (per ounce): 15 calories, 0 grams fat, 1 gram sugar, 2.5 grams protein, 3 percent of daily calcium requirements

. (Fage is the best-known but not the only brand of Greek-style yogurt; others include Stonyfield Farm's Oikos brand and Chobani.)

Dannon All Natural Nonfat, plain flavor (per ounce): 13 calories, 0 grams fat, 2 grams sugar, 1.5 grams protein, 5 percent of daily calcium requirements.

New York-based dietitian Heather Bauer likes Greek yogurt for its lower sugar and higher protein content, which, among other things, makes you feel fuller. On her website, Bauer lists other benefits and also provides some additions and variations to make it into a sweet or savory snack or meal. Of course, regular nonfat yogurt is a good nutritional choice, too, so pick whichever floats your boat. Low-fat options are OK, but watch out for the full-fat versions of both regular and Greek yogurt, which can be heavy in saturated fat."

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  1. Wow awesome. I just discovered it myself at the store like a month ago. I had a plain with honey on the bottom... not sure if it was the yogurt or the honey but it was heavenly!! Thanks for the advice on using it as mayo. I love salad with some grilled chicken or tuna but unless I add some oranges or strawberries it is so dry. I just want to say ... I love ur blog dude!!!! I hate having to pay attention ... very ADD lately ... but this I am loving! Keep it up lady.


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