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I work full time and I barely have time to breathe. In 2005 hurricane Katrina rearranged my life, since then I have gained roughly 80-90 pounds. I believe that it started in depression and became an addiction. I have started and failed many diets and then decided that MAYBE if I combine diet and exercise with blogging and shopping I might be able to find success. This is the story of 2010 and my struggle to rise above addiction, pain, depression and fat.
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Wednesday, June 2

Today's Gourmet

I think I did pretty well today. I woke up with - strength. Heavenly. I went to work and I had my cereal, it's low point but not all that 'healthy.' I drank water so much that I had to visit the loo every hour or so. So I got exercise to! I had turkey burger - no fixings - at first break. Sweet milk at eleven, when I start to itch for lunch. Tuna sashimi from a local grocer, it's not the same as real sushi but it's a good filler. It was nice to have it on such a spiritually blessed day, there is something so soothing about the simplicity of sashimi. I always feel, I don't know. Really good after it.
While at the store I picked up some Light Ruffles potato chips! A-MA-ZING! So good, like doing something dirty and bad. So good! Really helped curb the cravings! For dinner we had Winn-Dixie Brand Organic Chicken and Bean Chili and it was really a flavorful dish, followed by a point free salad. Lately I have been sprinkling the tiniest bit of garlic salt on my salads and it really helps plain lettuce have a zesty punch!

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